Healthy Living Tips for Your 20s, 30s, and 40s

Age is just a number, whether you’re a confident 25-year-old launching a startup or a sassy 50-year-old going back to school. While we should never define ourselves by those two digits, our bodies do change over time—and those changes mean we need to adjust our health habits. Check out these healthy living tips for every decade:

Roaring 20s

Diet: The best time to start a nutritious diet is now. Women in their 20s need to pay particular attention to calcium intake. Bone-building peaks in the mid to late 20s, so lower the risk of osteoporosis later in life by eating calcium-rich foods now. Start with these 5 Superfoods for Strong Bones.

Exercise: They say bad habits are hard to break…well, so are good ones. Now is the time to develop exercise habits that keep your muscles, bones, and heart strong for life. For example, join a yoga class or start an at-home morning workout routine. Think of it as a smart investment in your future health.

Skin: Stop damage before it starts by protecting skin from the sun’s aging rays. Wear a minimum SPF 30 sunscreen and, yes, you need to reapply regularly throughout the day.

Confident 30s

Diet: Just because you’re always busier than an Elf on the Shelf in December doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your health to a poor diet. Banish bad eating habits (like eating leftovers off the kids’ plates) and nourish the body with nutrient-rich foods in appropriate portions.

Exercise: If you haven’t already done so, make regular, vigorous exercise a non-negotiable part of your routine. The CDC recommends at least 2.5 hours of moderate-intensity activity and 2 or more days of muscle-strengthening exercises. [1] The good news is the body can reap the benefits of short workouts throughout the week, so jump into that Inferno 4 Minute Burn!

Skin: Replenish aging skin daily with a moisturizer routine. Use a product with sunscreen to protect skin cells during the day, and apply a cream to your clean face nightly. Your skin will thank you in 20 years!

Fabulous 40s

Diet & Exercise: This healthy body two-fer is essential enough that you can’t get the benefits of one without the other. Why? Metabolism. This process, in which the body turns food into energy, slows down with age. Just to maintain current weight after age 40, we need to eat 100 fewer calories daily. What’s more, research suggests that women in their 40s lose muscle mass at twice the rate of men the same age. [2] Fight back with a combination of healthful eating and regular exercise. Weight-bearing exercises, like kettlebell workouts, are especially important for battling muscle and bone loss.

Skin: Decades of sun and the natural aging process conspire to take a visible toll. Use a cleanser morning and night, apply moisturizer with SPF protection, and, if your skin can handle it, use a retinoid product nightly to reduce brown spots and boost collagen production. Eating well also gives skin a natural glow. Try juicing to cleanse your cells from the inside out for radiant skin.

A healthy body doesn’t come from a pill. It comes from making simple routines part of your lifestyle. So begin building the good health habits that keep you looking your fabulous best at any age!



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