28-Day HIIT Bodyweight Workout Challenge

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It’s not uncommon to pack on a couple extra pounds throughout the Winter months. Don’t stress about it. We’ve been there; it happens to all of us. Usually, this will leave us feeling fluffy and a little uncomfortable in our swimsuits and cut-offs. Don’t worry, you’re not destined to stay covered up all season! There’s still plenty of time to work on your bikini bod. We’re going to share a fat-melting, muscle-toning 4-week challenge! Are you in? Let’s get started with the HIIT Bodyweight Workout Challenge.

Challenge Yourself – Week 1

HIIT Bodyweight Workout Challenge - A workout challenge designed to tone and strengthen your whole body.

What you need: While your body is all that you absolutely need for this challenge, it would help to have a timer, a chair/bench/coffee table (for step-ups and triceps dips), a jump rope (although you can just jump in place without one), and a towel or yoga mat for the floor exercises.

What to do: This week we’re going to start out nice and easy. That’s not to say that this won’t be challenging, but it will get more difficult each week.

Week 1 will require you to workout on 4 days. Each workout will consist of 4 exercises that you will perform for 30 seconds each without any rest in between. At the end of each round, you’ll rest for 30 seconds. You’ll complete 6 rounds for a total of 15 minutes. We’ve included instructional videos of each exercise at the bottom of this post to help you learn proper form.

You Can Do It!

Participating in this challenge will allow you to shed excess pounds while toning the muscles all throughout your body! Check out the 5 Reasons to Start HIIT.

Week 1 will get you started on the path to success! Aside from changing your physical appearance, it will also improve your health. Practicing HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) consistently will improve your heart and lung health, all while boosting your metabolism. A faster metabolism means more calories burned throughout the day! BRING IT ON, Summertime!

It’s important to mention that this challenge is meant to be combined with a healthy, clean eating plan to ensure that you get the best results possible!

Let us know how you feel after completing week 1 in the comments below. Stay tuned for Week 2 of our Summer HIIT Bodyweight Challenge!

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