How to Get a Tight Stomach

Crunch-free ways to trim, tone, and tighten that tummy

Who wouldn’t want to flaunt sexy, toned abs and a tight stomach? The desired goal among many, a flat, firm belly takes time and commitment, but with enough dedication, you can learn how to get a tight stomach in no time. Contrary to popular belief, countless crunches and an infinite amount of sit-ups isn’t the only recipe for a toned midsection. Granted, abdominal exercises will enhance your fitness level and build a layer of muscle, but losing flab and achieving a flatter tummy is a product of diet and exercise.

Cleaning up your menu, for example, by consuming more nutrient-rich foods and ditching the junk, will lead to fat reduction and help you attain those flat-stomach goals more effectively. Moreover, certain (seemingly) harmless habits can act as roadblocks on your tight-tummy journey. Here at Skinny Ms., we’ve compiled a list of 5 tips that’ll get you the flat, sculpted midsection of your dreams. Make these part of your daily regime, and you’ll be ready for bathing suit season in no time!

1. Perform a dimensional workout

Twelve Amazing Workouts for a Flat Belly

Crunches and sit-ups only work a small plane of your abdominal muscles, so if you really want to see progress, you have to expand your exercise horizons! To lose those squishy edges, trim a muffin top, and achieve rock hard abs, you have to perform workouts that have you twisting and rotating that core- think mason twists or alternating toe touches! Moreover, it’s important to include some balance workouts or reverse exercises, such as elbow planks and reverse crunches. Sizzle fat and define that core by focusing on all areas instead of isolating just one!

Need ab workout ideas or tutorials? You’ve come to the right place! Get Amazing Abs in 3 Minutes a Day gives you everything you need to progress towards your goals, without hitting the gym. Meanwhile, this 20-Minute Oblique Workout for a Slimmer Waist targets your entire core and will help you achieve that trademark hourglass shape.

2. Make eggs the star of your breakfast

An egg a day can get you closer to achieving the tight, sexy stomach of your dreams. A wonderful source of protein, eggs starve off hunger and keep you fuller, longer, which prevents you from overeating and compromising your waistline. Meanwhile, the healthy fats and omega-3s team up with protein, sending more satiety hormones to your brain and releasing a hormone that encourages your body’s use of stored carbohydrates or fat. Meanwhile, eggs contain all 9 essential amino acids, crucial nutrients for muscle repair. So if you want a stronger, tighter core and a slimmer waistline, eggs will prime you to push through your next workout and give it your all.

Despite their slimming properties or ab-friendly benefits, eggs taste delicious and are super versatile. Start your morning off right and learn to whip up all forms of the superfood! Check out Learn to Cook Eggs: 6 Methods Every Chef Must Know.

3. Breathe the right way!

Making proper breathing an important part of your ab workout can make night and day differences in terms of your progress! Typically, you should aim to exhale as you contract your abdomen, or bring yourself closer to your abs (such as when you lift your chest towards your knees as you perform a crunch). Likewise, inhale as you release that contraction and return to your initial (comfortable!) position. You can’t fully contract your abs unless you have exhaled and emptied the air from your lungs, which is why breathing is so critical when you want a tight stomach!

4. Ease up on the salt!

Many foods out there contain nightmarish amounts of sodium, especially junky fast food, like french fries and pizza, or store-bought snacks like chips and pretzels. And overdoing it with the salt can definitely sabotage your tight stomach goals! Sodium triggers water retention, and when your body holds on to more water than it releases, your stomach might feel (and appear) a little puffy and bloated- the opposite of flat and tight! Moreover, your body will hold on to harmful toxins while retaining fluid, instead of diluting this waste and flushing it out. Cutting back on salt and drinking more water will flatten your belly, wash away toxins, and get you closer to the tight stomach you so desire!

Indulging in too much salt can lead you to feel sluggish and bloated. If this happens, munching on one of these 7 Foods that Battle Belly Bloat and Inflammation can get you closer to feeling lighter, energized, and rejuvenated!

5. Squat it up

That’s right- everyone’s favorite butt-sculpting exercise can actually work wonders on your abs as well! Although the exercise primarily targets your quadriceps and hamstrings, squats work multiple muscle groups at once, and engaging your abs as you lower and lift will help help you achieve a stronger core. Ensuring that your back is aligned properly requires some ab contraction as well, so you know you’ve performed a proper squat when you feel some mid-section burn!

So what are you waiting for? Strengthen your abs and chisel that midsection by squeezing some squats into your exercise regime. And if you’re feeling a bit daring, take on this 100 Prisoner Squats Challenge, guaranteed to yield amazing results!

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