Hustle-Up Body Weight Workout

A body-weight workout you can do anywhere.

Is the hustle of a busy life leaving you no time to get your bustle on at the gym? No worries! Skinny Ms. to the rescue with a workout you can do at home with only your body weight. What are you waiting for? Work that body of yours, no excuses!

Equipment Needed: Interval Timer, yoga mat or soft surface

What to Do: Perform each exercise for one minute and rest 15 seconds after each one. Complete 2 circuits and if you’re up for a reach challenge 3 circuits. Review the videos below for correct form.


1. Jumping Jacks
2. Spiderman Pushups
3. Reverse Lunge with a front kick
4. Mountain Climbers
5. Squat with a side leg lift
6. Plank
7. Burpees
8. High Jog Run in Place

Spiderman Push-ups

Reverse Lunge with a Front Kick

Mountain Climbers

Squat with a Side Leg Lift


High Jog Run in Place


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The SkinnyMs. team believes that all people, regardless of age, size, and fitness level, have the power to transform their lives — they just need the resources to do so. The SkinnyMs. method promotes healthy living through a combination of clean eating and regular exercise. We offer everything you need to be successful.

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