10 Easy Kitchen Organization Ideas You’ll Actually Use

Organizing your kitchen is important, and can be easy too!

Don’t think you’ll actually use these 10 easy kitchen organization ideas? Well, then imagine this: You step into your kitchen, somewhat prepared to satisfy your growling stomach with a healthy meal. This healthy meal, however, needs to be cooked. So, you strut your oh-so-prepared self over to the cabinet where your medium-sized pot should be. You open the cabinet and…BOOM. No medium-sized pot.

Before panicking, you remember this SkinnyMs article and are reminded of just how easily your disorganization problems and worries can vanish. Read on to discover 10 easy kitchen organization ideas you’ll actually use…unless, of course, you’d like to say a hard farewell to that medium-sized pot.

1. Store Cupcake Liners in a Mason Jar

This kitchen organization idea is brought to you by Table for Two! You can say “goodbye” to having those pesky stray cupcake/muffin liners laying around in your cabinets and/or pantry. This tip is both organizational AND affordable. You can find a mason jar for as little as a dollar, and once you have one, you’re one step closer to an organized kitchen. Simply layer them on top of one another and plop them right into a mason jar.

2. Store Water Bottles in Magazine Holders

Another easy tip that will bring you yet another step closer to an organized kitchen is to stack your water bottles on top of each other, on their sides, in magazine holders. We’re all health and fitness fanatics here, so it’s safe to say that we all know the struggle of having too many water bottles, and having them rolling around in our cabinets. Thanks to this kitchen hack by House Beautiful, we can say “goodbye” to that struggle as well.

3. Store Commonly Used Ingredients On Your Counter

This may seem like it would make your kitchen look more disorganized rather than more organized. Fortunately, that’s not true at all! The Frugal Homemaker has come up with a way to have your baking ingredients always on-hand on your counter without looking like clutter: just store them in matching glass jars. They look more like decorations than anything, if you ask me!

I, personally, love keeping granola, our Healthy Trail Mix, dried fruit, and even dark chocolate chips in glass jars on my counter, but you can store anything from those foods to baking ingredients!

4. Add Labels

It is entirely too frustrating to spend longer searching for ingredients in your pantry than you spend actually making your meal. You don’t have to be embarrassed. I’ve been there plenty of times myself. However, I’m never there anymore.

After purchasing inexpensive labels and taking a bit of time to label the ingredients in my pantry, I can finish a recipe that took me an hour before in just forty minutes! This kitchen organization idea is so easy and SO helpful! If you’re looking for examples or tips on how to label, check out this article by the labeling queen herself: Living Well Mom. She provides websites where you can get labels for free!

5. Use Risers to Store Dishes

This kitchen organization tip shared by Good Housekeeping totally blew my mind, and it’s sure to blow yours as well! You will be amazed by just how much space is made by using simple risers in your dish cabinets.

By placing these risers in your cabinets, you will still be able to store dishes underneath them, on the floor of the cabinet as you normally would. The difference is, the risers allow you to also store dishes on top of the other ones. The risers hold them up so that your dishes are safe and sound, and your cabinets are much more organized.

6. Store Container Lids in a CD Holder 

Container lids are like socks: always disappearing. I’m still working on figuring out a solution for the vanishing socks, but Hip 2 Save has provided us with a magical solution for those container lids! Put that old 90s CD Holder you have laying around to good use with this kitchen hack!

Slide the CD Holder into a cabinet, and use the slots as holders for each separate lid. It makes it easier to find which lid you’re looking for, and keeps them from messily taking up the majority of your cabinet.

7. Hang Your Mugs

This easy kitchen organization idea actually came from my grandmother. I’ll never forget the foodie epiphany that occurred the moment I saw her mugs hanging above her kitchen table on shower hooks hanging on a shower rod. GENIUS.

Now, after seeing Destination Decoration‘s way of doing it, I’ve tried out hanging my coffee mugs on Command Hooks, and that works perfectly, too! Wherever you decide to hang them, you’ll be jumping for joy at how much more space you have in your cabinets and how easy it is to get yourself a cup of coffee in the morning! Thanks, Grandma!

8. Store Your Snacks in Baskets

It’s pretty common for kids to be major snackers, but if I’m being totally honest here, I’m a major snacker, too! If you’re like me or have tons of family members who have snack attacks that result in a pantry that looks like it was hit by an Oven Baked Zucchini Chip tornado, then this hack by Midwest Living is right up your alley! It may not prevent the snack attacks from happening, but it sure does prevent those chip tornadoes!

All you have to do to conquer this kitchen organization idea is grab some baskets, figure out how you’d like to organize the items in your pantry, throw those items into the baskets, and slide them into your pantry. It really is that easy!

9. Put a Lazy Susan to Work

I know it may sound contradictory, but Susan is the Queen of being lazy yet helpful. I use mine for things like spices and honey and, let me tell you, Susan has changed my kitchen for the better! By giving me somewhere to effectively place my spices and honey (being able to just spin the wheel to get to each one is amazing), it has organized my cabinet AND has kept me from cleaning it due to spilled honey and spilled spices.

10. Drawer Organizers

I think we can all agree that silverware is not the only thing that could use some organization via drawer organizers. Get rid of all that clutter in your drawers with this fantastic kitchen organization idea by Real Simple. Just take the organizers, put them in an empty drawer, and separate your forks, knives, spoons, and any other small kitchen appliances with them. It’s as easy as pie! Oh, and pie will be easier to cut when you can find the knife to get yourself a slice with!

You can choose a few of these ideas to better organize your kitchen in the easiest ways possible, or you can go above and beyond and organize your kitchen to the extreme by putting ALL of these ideas to use! Either way, the important thing is that you’ll be able to find that medium-sized pot!

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