Low-Impact Total-Body Workout

Getting started, or need to ease back into a routine?

Regardless of your age and fitness level, sometimes your joints need a little break even when you still want to workout. People who are injury prone, and who are also starting a fitness routine for the first time, can benefit from having a low impact workout designed for a body that needs to be eased into fitness.

This low impact workout is designed to focus on all major body parts without the excess tension of weights, equipment, or gravity causing excessive strain on our joints. All these moves are meant to put little resistance on your joints but still give your muscles a good burn to promote strength and keep you healthy.

Equipment Needed: Yoga mat, chair, interval timer (Gymboss is a free app download)

What to Do: Perform each exercise for 45 seconds at a controlled pace, resting for 20 seconds and move onto the next exercise. Alternate sides as needed prior to moving onto the next exercise


1. Step-Ups
2. Wall Push-Ups
3. Clam Shells L/R
4. Bird Dog Exercise L/R
5. Alternating Heel Touch
6. Incline Mountain Climber
7. Knees to Chest Hug


Wall Push-Ups

Clam Shells L/R

Bird Dog Exercise L/R

Alternating Heel Touch

Incline Mountain Climber

Knees to Chest Hug

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    1. This workout is designed to be easily adjusted depending on fitness level. A beginner might do one circuit on three non-consecutive days per week. As he/she gets stronger, he/she may increase the number of circuits or the number of workouts per week. It is important to push your body until you can longer complete the circuit while maintaining proper form. If you have muscle fatigue the next day, give yourself a day off before completing the workout again.

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