Tired of the Treadmill? Here are 6 Alternative Cardio Workouts!

Ditch the treadmill and add excitement to your workout!

Let’s face it. Not all of us are meant to be gym rats because, for some of us, a daily run on the treadmill conjures up images of rodents and wheels. Luckily, there are lots of ways outside of traditional exercise for us to work both our bodies and spirits. Whether you’d rather visit the dentist than the gym, or you’re just in a rut, these alternative cardio workouts can be just what you need to keep your fitness level on track.

6 Alternative Cardio Workouts

Swing, baby!

That’s right – find a nearby playground and revisit your childhood friend, the swings. Try to touch the sky with your feet just like you did as a kid. You’ll be surprised at how many muscles you use.

Go Swimming!

Get in some laps at the pool with our Summer Swim Challenge.

Just dance.

Dancing is a great way to combine art, fun and exercise. You can try jazz, tap, hip-hop, salsa, hula, or even belly dancing. Take a class, go to a dance club (skip the extra drinks and eats!), or simply dance around your house.

Go retro.

Pick your favorite decade and remember what you did for fun. Rollerblading? Skateboarding? Hacky-sacking? Ultimate Frisbee? Go for it! Even hacky-sacking burns calories – about 250 calories per hour for someone who’s 140 pounds.

Hula, girl.

Whether it’s Hoopnotica or a cheap dollar-store hoop, hula hooping requires core muscles and balance. And, as a bonus, it’s super fun!

Looking to tone that midsection? Give our Summer Abs Challenge a try.

Be a gamer.

With so many Wii and Xbox Kinect games out there, the options for a good workout at home with or without your friends are endless.

Find more fun alternatives for exercise this summer in Fitness Fun in the Sun.

Have you tried Tabata? It’s a great way to beat workout boredom and burn calories, too!

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  1. I love to change things up with a jump rope workout. Do it tabata style and you'll really increase your calorie burn.

  2. I just bought a hoola hoop last week for $3.00 (at 54 years old) and I can sure feel it working my stomach muscles…and so much fun

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