5 Ways to Make Fruits & Veggies Look Too Pretty to Pass Up

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Cutting and presenting fresh fruits and vegetables creatively is a wonderful way to make you feel more connected to the food that you are preparing so that you are really thinking about what you are eating. It encourages you to take the time to really enjoy the food. This time translates into your body’s ability to absorb the most benefit out of the food while you resist overindulging. Teach children to eat more of these healthy foods by simply using creativity.

Children are exceptionally visually motivated and will be drawn to foods that are fun shapes. Starting children eating fresh fruit and vegetables young is the first step in giving them a lifetime of healthy eating. Here are 5 Creative Ways to Make Fruits and Veggies Look Too Pretty to Pass Up:

1. Use the cheese slicer to cut honeydew and cantaloupe melons into very thin slices. Roll these slices tightly, gently pressing the center upward so that is slightly higher than the side. Use a toothpick to secure the end of the slice. The effect will look like a rose, and be a beautiful accent for a fruit plate. Cantaloupe has some amazing health benefits, too. Learn more here.

2. Chop a variety of vegetables into sticks of the same size for uniformity and ease of eating. To make snack time more fun for your children, or even for yourself, use the sticks to build edible structures.

3. Set a watermelon on its side and use a very sharp knife to cut large wedges out of the corner of either side. Leave a piece several inches wide in the center. Scoop the flesh out of the melon and set it aside. Use a smaller knife to cut decorative notches in the center piece and smooth the corners to create a basket shape. The watermelon can then be filled with fruit salad. Read about why watermelon is a superfood here. 

4. Slice a kiwi thinly, stopping right before going all the way through. Gently separate the slices into a fan for a lovely garnish.

5. Use cookie cutters to create shapes out of produce with firm flesh, such as melon, apples, eggplant and zucchini. Use fun shapes such as animals and hearts for child friendly snacks, or add elegance to your breakfast or brunch by making flowers.

Try adding heart shaped carrots to a bowl of this savory Chicken Noodle Soup.

Heart-Shaped Carrots - DIY How to Make Fruits & Veggies Pretty



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