New You Workout Plan for Absolute Beginners

Work to build muscle and improve endurance!

It’s hard to get back in shape, specially if you have been out of the workout circle for a while. Many workout plans are meant for people that already lead active lives, people who are familiar with all the gym equipment and can easily run a mile. This weekly routine, however, is the ideal workout plan for absolute beginners!

It uses no fancy equipment, just a mat and light dumbbells. Additionally, it’s not a plan that’s meant to push you to your limits, but rather help you slowly create muscle and build endurance. This makes it perfect for anyone that has never gone to the gym, or that is trying to get back after years of absence.

What You’ll Need: a mat to lay on the floor, and a set of light dumbbells (2-8 lbs)

What to Do: Follow along with the calendar. Complete the workout assigned for each day.

Below, we’ve included videos showing you how to perform each move. Using proper form helps prevent injuries and ensures you’re getting the most out of your workout.

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Bicep Curls

Shoulder Presses

Arm Circles


Russian Twist

Mountain Climbers


Push Ups

Good Mornings



Walking Lunges

Sumo Squats

Calf Raises

Donkey Kicks

Glute Bridge

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