Plank It Out

Plank like a pro!

The truth comes out, washboard abs do exist! Well, at least half-truth…we all do have the muscle that looks like a washboard, but it lies under a couple layers in our stomach. With proper dieting, and the right exercises you can let those tight abs show!

Let’s break it down. There are only four muscles of our “abs”.

-Rectus Abdominis: the “washboard” muscle

-External Oblique: which are those nice lines down the side of the stomach

-Internal Oblique: lie under the external oblique

-Transverse Abdominis: the innermost muscle

One of the best go-to ab exercises is a plank! Not to mention there are so many different ways to modify it to make it easier, or to make it harder!

For Beginners:

Hold each of moves below for 20 seconds or as long as possible. If you find that you are struggling and feel pain in your lower back, STOP…take a breather and try it again until you get to the total 30 seconds. A few extra seconds leads to more and more.

What to Do: Perform three rounds of each move below


1. Regular Plank on knees
2. Right Side Plank on knees
3. Left Side Plank on knees
4. Laying Down Single Leg Raise with bent knee

For Non-Beginners:

If you are a little more familiar with working out and want to make this more challenging, perform 1-3 with your feet stacked and for 4 regular Leg Raises. Do each exercise for 1 minute!


Modified Side Plank

Leg Raises

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