Protein Powder vs. Natural Protein- Which is Best?

Some helpful advice on what protein source is better for you!

The topic of protein powder usually comes into the conversation when discussing fitness and muscle-building. Often times, we immediately think that if we want to gain muscle mass, protein powder is a must-have in our daily diet. However, do we really know what is that in powder? Do we know all the pros and cons? Why don’t we opt for more natural sources of protein? All of these  questions need to be asked and answered before you decide what is right for your body. So, we are here to help you and and clear up any confusion!

Protein Quality

Protein supplements have many pros and cons. When considering protein supplements, an important aspect to consider is  protein quality. So, how much protein are you actually getting in your supplement and how much is just excess product that your body doesn’t actually use? With protein supplements, you are typically getting a higher protein quality for less consumption of the actual product. However, if you eat a good quantity of healthy, protein-filled foods than satisfying that protein quota for your body will happen easily.

Ease and Convenience 

This fact is pretty straight forward. It’s much easier to buy and consumer protein powder or supplements than it is to prepare a healthy meal that contains all the protein your body needs. Preparing the meal tends to be more time consuming and requires more prior planning. So, it really depends on your schedule and if you can make time for that meal preparation.

Other Nutritional Value 

When opting for protein supplements, something that is often neglected is the extra nutritional value that comes with eating actual food. For example, a popular protein-rich food is Greek Togurt. However, with the protein comes calcium as well. When having a protein supplement or powder, you are foregoing the calcium. However, the importance of this extra value depends on your body needs.

If you do opt for natural sources, try these 20 Protein-Packed Recipes!

We hope these tips were beneficial and help you decide what form of protein consumption is important for your lifestyle! Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.


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