5 Protein-Packed Greek Yogurt Recipes

Some great recipes full of protein that incorporate Greek yogurt.

If you haven’t made the switch to Greek yogurt, it’s time to do so. To know all your facts before you make your decision, check out this article. Now, that you’ve made the choice to go Greek, here’s a quick starter guide on some protein-packed recipes using Greek yogurt that will make using this daily ingredient a breeze.

1. Greek Yogurt Pancakes with Blueberries and Honey

What better way to start your morning than with a traditional pancake breakfast. The best part about these classic pancakes is that they incorporate Greek yogurt to give you morning protein kickstart, so that you are ready for a busy a day ahead. These delicious pancakes are paired with blueberries and honey to give you a sweetener with natural sugars and help you steer clear of any processed syrups or heavy creams.

2. Greek-Style Yogurt Dip 

Chips and dip are a classic dish for every hostess. Whether you are simply entertaining a small, intimate gathering or throwing a large Sunday football fiesta, this is an appetizer-must and it can often be hard to gather the motivation to make your own homemade version. To put you out of your worries, here is an easy and of course, healthier alternative to that store-bought dip you normally pick up. This time wow your guests with a Greek yogurt dip flavored with delicious spices and suited to practically any appetizer of your choice.

3. Chia Berry Yogurt Smoothie

One of the easiest ways to get your daily protein intake while on a busy schedule is in a smoothie. Whether it is post workout or pre-workout or just for fun, smoothies are a great way of incorporating veggies, fruits, and of course, yogurt! Greek yogurt works great for smoothies, because it creates a thick, creamy consistency. This Chia Berry Yogurt has good nutritional value with 13 grams of protein and tastes delicious no matter what time in the day you crave it.

4. Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream

Ever feel like indulging, but always scared to face the consequences? We’ve all been there and faced the same struggle, but worry no more, because this delicious ice cream recipe will leave you guilt-free after you have your share. The core of the recipe are the frozen bananas, but what gives the ice cream its creamy consistency and ice cream texture is the Greek yogurt. With all the ingredients in this recipe, you are able to cut out all the processed ingredients for something a whole lot more natural and delicious.

5. Slow Cooker 5-Ingredient Creamy Salsa Verde Chicken

Easy goes hand-in-hand with delicious in this recipe. This fresh take on a Mexican-inspired dish will have your mouth watering as you watch it marinate in the slow cooker. Often times, the hardest ingredient to replace can be heavy whipping cream. It can typically make or break the dish. However, Greek yogurt has been found to be the best substitute and this recipe proves that. The meat marinates to a perfect, tender flavor in the Greek yogurt, which soaks in the flavors of all the other ingredients.

These 5 dishes are the perfect way to start off your relationship with Greek yogurt. You can find pretty much something for anyone and any meal of the day.

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