Restaurant-Style Chicken Fried Rice

This guilt-free version of your favorite take-out dish is ready to eat in 15 minutes!

A lightened-up version of a normally calorie-rich dish, this delectable Restaurant-Style Chicken Fried Rice dish tastes restaurant-worthy, yet you don’t have to eat out of a flimsy, white, takeout container this time!

For one thing, this recipe spotlights brown rice, instead of white. This substitution carries a bunch of nutrients that deserve some recognition. These include complex carbs, essential fatty acids, and a host of incredible vitamins and minerals:

  • manganese
  • magnesium
  • calcium
  • iron
  • zinc
  • vitamin B6

Not only do these nutrients keep you full and focused, but they can stabilize blood sugar, prevent obesity, hook you up with long-lasting energy, lower stress, and boost your immune system.

Who knew the simple, cheap staple could come with so many health benefits?

But the nutritional perks don’t stop there. Your typical fried rice recipe relies mainly on white rice, vegetable oil for frying, and maybe a few frozen peas and carrots, here and there.

Here, we’ve swapped vegetable oil for sesame oil, a more nutritious, super delicious, nutty alternative used in many Asian dishes. A mere 2 tablespoons of the calcium-rich cooking oil adds a boatload of flavor without loading you up on calories.

Tasty veggies like sweet onions, tender carrots, and chewy peas join the party, adding vitamins and a splash of color to the dish.

But the addition of chicken really makes this rice meal special. By combining rice with tender, juicy chicken, the rice absorbs the meat’s vibrant and flavorful character and tastes even better than the fried rice you’re familiar with.

And you can easily modify this recipe into one that’s vegetarian-friendly by swapping the chicken out for tofu or simply subbing in more veggies.

So treat yourself to this Restaurant-Style Chicken Fried Rice dish and forget about compromising your healthy eating goals. Bon appetit!

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  1. Made this for my SUPER picky family tonight and they LOVED it!!! I poached two chicken breasts and that was just enough. Used up some leftover rice from earlier in the week, as well as half a bag of frozen stir-fry veggies and threw in some extra frozen peas to fill it out. My family’s only comment is to maybe use 3 eggs next time instead of 2. Other than that, this was a hit! Thank you!

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