Rethinking the Joy of Multitasking

Not an accomplished multitasker? You may be doing your body and mind good!

Our busy lives force us to stretch our bodies and minds to 10 different places at once. One of the greatest foundation skills for success was believed to be the ability to multi-task. Taking on multiple projects, balancing work and home, consuming information while performing another task: these skills make up our everyday lives. We tend to believe that being able to complete multiple tasks at once makes our lives easier.

New research suggests that multitasking is not only non-beneficial, it also slows you down, reduces your work efficiency, and can cause negative effects to your brain. Our brains were not wired to tackle more than one thing at a time, while equally giving our best to each. Multitasking not only creates poor performance at the work at hand, it also leads to a poor transition into the next following tasks. The study also showed that people who multitasked frequently were worse at multitasking than people who didn’t. “The frequent multitaskers performed worse because they had more trouble organizing their thoughts and filtering out irrelevant information, and they were slower at switching from one task to another.”

Focusing on one task at a time is the most beneficial way to create your best results, maximize your work efficiency, your memory and your overall brain function. As enticing as being ever-present with our phones and computers, focusing and being in one place at once mentally and physically is the greatest way to create success in all that you do.

Sources: Forbes

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