How to Take Control Of Your Health

Today is the day to seize control.

Regardless of your numerous responsibilities, including your work, your spouse, your kids, and your friends, remember that you’re not too busy for yourself. Feeling as if we’re too busy can cause us to stop taking ownership of our own lives, and, most importantly, our health. Once you lose control of your health, your quality of life can go downhill quickly. We’re here to take back control.

We’ve complied seven tips on taking control of your health in order to live a productive, fulfilling life. Own your body and reap the amazing rewards.

1. Visit your Physician – The most important step in controlling your health is visiting your physician. A standard physical can give you all the information you’ll need to understand where your body is physically. The basic tests which check your blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate, and temperature let you know how functional your major organs are. If any of these are abnormal, you know you have some work to do. Getting blood work done will let you know what you’re lacking, and your doctor can give you suggestions on help regulate your body.

2. Create a Goal – Getting the results from your doctor and discussing which areas of your body you need to work on for optimal health leads into the next step, which is creating goals. Whether it’s working to reduce to blood pressure, cholesterol levels, increase certain nutrient deficiencies in your body, or prevent hereditary illness, you have to set a goal, so that you know what you’re aiming for. The most beneficial way to begin accomplishing a goal is to visualize, articulate, and jot it down. This is a 3-fold process which takes goals from your mind and makes them into something tangible. Wherever you write your goals down, just know that looking at them will give you the reminder you need of what you’re aiming for. Our minds stray, but our brains are powerful enough that a quick glance at a note refocuses our entire attention on our goals.

3. Education – Once you’ve established your goal, the next step is to educate yourself about the necessary steps to reach your goals. For fitness goals, learn which exercises will target the body parts or body systems you want to develop. For nutritional success, learn which foods to avoid, which to consume in variety and which ones will bring you the most benefits. If you’re new to fitness and nutrition, start small. Learn the overall basics before you jump into anything too complicated. You want to challenge yourself continually, but you also don’t want to frighten yourself by tackling something too large initially. Transition your mind and body into the change. Too large of a change may throw your body off. Imagine going to a gym for the first time and jumping right into 30 lbs bicep curls. You’d gain no real benefit from it because your muscles would fatigue quickly. We’d suggest to start reasonably paced and steady to start winning your health back.

4. Find What Works For You – There are thousands of tips, suggestions, nutritional hints, workouts, and plans that will tell you everything you need to know about eating right and optimal health, and having that many options is amazing because it puts you in control. However, sometimes we follow one routine and stick with that course forever. You miss out on so many possibilities this way. You can love your routine, but you also should try new and dynamic routines. You may discover something that fits into your lifestyle a lot easier. Think of all the different cardio exercises you can try, including treadmill running, outdoors running, cycling, and even swimming. Try different routines and see which one you enjoy, instead of sticking to a pre-determined routines because that’s what you feel you’re supposed to do.

5. Learn your Body – This coincides with finding what works for you, but with a different twist. Learning your body involves understanding how your body responds to certain things. On a very simple level, think of someone who doesn’t eat peanut products, because they have an allergy. They know if they eat a peanut, their body will have a negative reaction. This should be our mindset on anything that our bodies respond poorly to. Whether it’s chocolate, soda, wheat, or sugar, anything that you consume that makes your body feel poorly afterwards, should be avoided. Our bodies can all react differently to the same piece of chicken. The most important thing is understanding how your body reacts, and making the conscious decision to put aside anything that takes away from you feeling 100% great.

6. Make Time – Time is always something we say we don’t have enough of. And that may be, and that is fair. But if you don’t have time, you have to make time. What you do with your time essentially is an investment in your tomorrow. You can make an amazing dinner and have an intense gym routine in under 20 minutes. Does 20 minutes seem too long? There are 5 minute workouts and 5 minute dinners. Decide how much time you can invest weekly and spread it out throughout your days to get the benefits of proper fitness and nutrition.

7. Have Fun – At times, fitness and health culture can be very one dimensional; lift, curl, run, sweat, and repeat. This gets boring quickly. Find new things to fall in love with all over again. New recipes and new fitness secrets and tips are the spice to your relationship with your health. Give them a try and it’ll feel like you’re starting from day one all over again, but this time you’ll be stronger, smarter, and you’ll only need to make small adjustments to adapt. Find fitness events, whether you participate or just spectate. The sense of community is exhilarating!

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