15 Ways to De-Stress During the Day

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Stress sneaks up on all of us from time to time. The problem is that too much of it can alter your mood, trigger emotional eating, and negatively impact your health in the long term. Relieve your stress by trying a few of these 15 ways to de-stress during the day.

1. Exercise.
Physical activity boosts the body’s natural feel-good hormones—it’s where the term “runner’s high” comes from. Visit SkinnyMs. Fitness for plenty of workout ideas, including 4-Minute Workouts.

2. Snack smart.
Sugary snacks weigh the body down with heavy carbs and make you feel sluggish when you’re already stressed. Instead, nourish yourself with clean eating options, like these Top 10 Good Mood Foods.

3. De-hassle dinner.
For many, the idea of preparing a nutritious dinner after a long day is enough to raise the blood pressure. Enter the slow cooker—one of our favorite de-stressing tips. Try these healthy, delicious Slow Cooker Recipes.

4. Connect with others.
Maintaining social connections is one of the best tricks for de-stressing. Relationships with family, friends, and even co-workers provide a sense of belonging as well as a sense of self-worth. Try combining exercise with friendship—learn how to Start a Fitness Program in Your Community.

5. Breathe deeply.
Turn off distractions. While sitting up straight, inhale deeply and slowly through your nose and then out through your mouth. Repeat for one to two minutes. This will help lower the blood pressure and heart rate.

6. Meditate.
Take a few minutes each day to eliminate stressful or anxious thoughts and create a sense of calm with this easy-to-learn stress reliever. Check out these tips for Finding Time to Meditate.

7. Get busy.
Oh, yeah…we went there. Sexual activity—even if it’s just a make-out session—can improve mood plus burn calories. Learn more in Sex and Exercise: Boost Your Mood and Calorie Burn.

8. Practice yoga.
Physical activity combines with deep breathing to alleviate feelings of stress or anxiety. Try Yoga Workout for Beginners or Yoga for Weight Loss.

9. Turn on the tunes.
Never underestimate the power of music to relax the body and relieve the mind. Whether you stream from your phone or tune into the car radio, unwind with a musical style that suits you. You can even add music to workouts to help you power through stress. Check out Top 10 Pandora Stations for Workouts or Top 5 Spotify Stations for Workouts.

10. Turn off the tech.
As much as tech tools help us be more productive or more organized, sometimes those glowing screens demand so much attention they add to our stress. Take a tech break by turning off the phone and putting the computer screen to sleep for a while.

11. Plan for a good night’s rest.
One of our top de-stress tips is committing to a good night’s sleep. Establish a bedtime ritual that includes relaxing activities, whether it’s a warm shower or a good book. Learn how Sleep Affects Weight Loss.

12. Make a gratitude list.
Thankfulness isn’t just for the Thanksgiving table. When you’re feeling stressed, write down three things you’re thankful for—this will help you boost well-being and add perspective to life.

13. Drink tea.
Healthy tea drinks offer theanine, an amino acid believed to soothe the nervous system. Indulge in tea that’s unsweetened or lightly naturally sweetened. Try Pomegranate Orange Spice Tea.

14. Get up and move.
De-stress tips like this one are less about exercise and more about not sitting on your rear for long periods. Stand up once or twice an hour and move. For example, walk to a colleague’s desk instead of emailing her, or take the long way to the restroom.

15. Get crafty.
A repetitive craft, like sewing, crocheting, or knitting, can also help reduce stress. Carry a small craft bag with you for on-the-go de-stressing.

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