Shave off Sandwich Calories with Healthy Sandwich Swaps

Easy and delicious with a tasty nutritious twist!

It’s difficult to beat a good sandwich. With these healthy sandwich swaps, you can have nutrition without sacrificing taste!

Sandwiches are easy to make, economical, and portable. They’re one of the most popular lunch options among kids and adults alike. They’re easy to customize to your particular taste. You can stuff them with your favorite meats, cheeses, veggies, and sauces. Most of us grew up eating sandwiches regularly, and they’ll always be one easiest on-the-go options.

However, sandwiches can damage your health. White bread is full of processed carbs that can spike your blood sugar without providing any substantial nutrients. Deli meats are another culprit for sandwiches’ terrible nutritional stats. A single slice of bologna or salami can contain about 10% of your recommended daily limit of sodium. Even traditionally lighter cuts such as turkey breast or chicken can have this much added salt. Packaged deli meats are loaded with preservatives, artificial flavors, and food coloring. When you combine bread and deli meat with heavy condiments and fatty cheese, a light lunch becomes a high-calorie, high-sodium meal with little nutritional value.

But don’t despair! This doesn’t mean you need to cut sandwiches out of your life. Instead, try making more nutritious choices and filling your sandwich with rich whole foods. These healthy sandwich swaps will cut down on calories, additives, and sodium, but still give you an easy, savory, and flavorful lunch to enjoy on the regular!

1. High fiber tortilla instead of bread
You can find high-fiber tortillas in the supermarket for under 100 calories. These high-fiber tortillas are less likely to spike your blood sugar and can reduce the number of calories in your sandwich. Wrap up your favorite sandwich ingredients and enjoy your lunch on-the-go.

2. Open-face sandwiches instead of two slices of bread
An open-faced sandwich is a great way to cut carbs in half. Layer your condiments, meats, and veggies on a single slice of bread and enjoy like a mini pizza. This light and refreshing open-face cucumber and cream cheese sandwich is easy to make and rich in flavor.

3. Chicken breast instead of deli meat
Forget the fatty deli meat. Make your sandwich with homemade lean chicken breast. Homemade chicken allows you to control how much fat and sodium goes into your meal. This slow-cooker everything chicken recipe is great because you can slice the chicken and layer it over bread or in a tortilla.


4. Tzatziki sauce or Greek yogurt instead of mayo
Mayonnaise is infamous for its bad nutritional stats. Even most light or vegan options are still supremely high in calories and low in nutrients. Cut your condiment calories by two thirds just by replacing mayonnaise with either tzatziki sauce or Greek yogurt. This healthy sandwich swap is especially useful in tuna salad or chicken salad sandwiches. Greek yogurt will also add some healthy protein and probiotics to your lunch.

5. Mustard instead of ketchup
For a ketchup fanatic, there’s little that can replace the rich tomato taste. But ketchup tends to be high in calories and sodium. Switch part of your serving of ketchup for zero-calorie mustard to lighten your sandwich without sacrificing flavor.

6. Salsa instead of condiments
Another option is to completely replace condiments with low-calorie salsa. You can find all kinds of salsa in the supermarket, from traditional tomato salsa to salsa verde, avocado salsa, and more. You can even make your own salsa!

7. Grilled eggplant or portobello mushrooms instead of meat
Add essential vitamins to your diet by opting for a veggie lunch. Veggies are so densely packed with nutrients that they’re unbeatable when it comes to health. Sneak in a few extra servings by replacing the meat in your sandwiches with grilled eggplant or a portobello cap. The rich texture is incredibly satisfying and the swap will give your body an extra nutrient boost.

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