Skinny Ms. Snack Round-Up

Sitting down to only three meals a day is a thing of the past. Healthy women know that going too long between meals will not only leave a girl feeling sluggish, but will up the chances of her going ravenous and binging on far more calories than she needs at mealtime. Snacking on healthy foods between meals is the key to keep from overeating and to maintaining energy throughout the day. Looking for some new ideas for healthy snacks? Look no further! We’ve rounded up some of our most popular snack posts for you below.

Skinny Ms. Snack Round-Up-

QUICK SNACKS for when you’re on the go:

15 Grab-N-Go Snacks
Don’t settle for unhealthy packaged foods to satisfy your hunger when you’re on-the-go. These delicious snacks are delicious and are easy enough to grab and go!

20 Snacks to Have on Hand
Life can get pretty busy sometimes. When things get crazy, keep your energy up and your waist thin with these healthy snacks to keep on hand.

5 Snacks to Munch at the Movies
We know that a trip to the movies offers temptations galore. Make it easier to say no to fattening buttered popcorn and sugary candies by planning ahead and bringing one of these healthy options along.

HEALTHY SNACKS to stock your pantry with:

Mother Approved Snacks
It isn’t always easy to find healthy snack options that your kids will love, but these nutritious choices will make Mom happy and leave the kids begging for more.

Celebrate Sea Vegetables
It’s important to keep thyroid function up in order to maintain a healthy metabolism. Doctors recommend adding a daily intake of iodine rich foods, like kelp and seaweed, to induce proper thyroid function. Nibble on these sea vegetables to keep your metabolism going strong.

25 Whole Food Snacks
Snacking on whole foods can give your body the nutrition that you need and will keep you energized all day. These 25 whole food snacks will give you a number of options to keep you satisfied.

GET THE MOST OUT OF WORKOUTS with these low-cal, high energy choices:

High Energy Snacks
We’ve all been there. After a long day at work, the couch sounds a whole lot better than sweating at the gym. Don’t give in to temptation. Try these energy loaded snacks to leave you ready to go!

Quick and Easy Post Workout Foods
Help your body to continue burning fat and building muscle even after you’ve left the gym by chowing down on some of these delicious post-workout options.

Snacks for Under 100 Calories
Don’t bust an otherwise healthy diet by shoveling in high-calorie snacks. By planning ahead, you can ensure that your snacks are not only low in calories, but delicious, too!

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