7 Foods for Fast Energy

These foods will give you natural energy without the crash.

One of the most common statements from people who try to keep fit and healthy is that it’s hard to have the energy, and the motivation to exercise. Most Americans don’t get enough sleep, don’t have enough time, and suffer from high levels of stress, and anxiety. If you’ve tried other pre-workout snacks that didn’t deliver, try a combination of some of these foods, and see if you can boost your pre-workout energy levels naturally.

Water: Dehydration can deplete your energy stores throughout the day so be sure to get the recommended amount every day (about 9 cups). Don’t over hydrate before a workout, but have at least one 8 oz glass before you get started. No calories for this part of your pre-workout snack.

Honey: Honey contains a balanced ratio of healthy sugars including fructose and glucose to offer a pre-workout energy boost that is also sweet! Not only that, but it also contains vitamins, minerals and protein. Vitamins in honey include B complex vitamins, essential for the production of energy in the body. (1) One tbs of honey is about 60 calories. Add it to your favorite protein shake for an extra boost!

Tea: For a burst of energy, try your favorite brand of green tea. Green tea provides a powerful blend of antioxidants, and EGCG  to help prevent free radical damage during exercise and it contains caffeine. Add a touch of honey for an unmatched pre-workout snack that won’t leave you feeling full, or sluggish. Green tea also has the unique ability to increase calorie burn, reduce fat storage and even shrink fat cells. One cup of green tea with one tbs honey is less than 70 calories. Tea has no calories. (2)

Fruits like Bananas, and Apples: These are convenient snacks loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals plus carbohydrates for fast energy. A fresh fruit snack before a workout offers quick pre-workout energy, just don’t forget that fruits don’t contain protein so your post-workout snack needs to be high-protein. One piece of fresh fruit will run about 80-100 calories, depending on the fruit.

SkinnyMs. Big 5 Superfood Smoothie: This superfood smoothie contains a blend of apple, red grapes, ginger, kefir, green tea and honey. What could be better? This energy smoothie serves up 130 calories per cup and delivers antioxidant protection, fast energy and a naturally sweet flavor. Don’t miss this perfect pre-workout smoothie!

Fiber-Rich Cereal and Yogurt: A low-calorie energy booster that offers the perfect combination of carbohydrates and protein you need before a workout. With the added fiber, you’ll feel full and have energy to burn. One 6 oz yogurt topped with cereal is about 150 calories.

Red Peppers and Hummus: Add your favorite veggie like carrot sticks or celery to this delicious dip for a snack that provides essential nutrients like carbs, fiber, vitamins and protein for some staying power in the gym or during any workout. ¼ cup of hummus and veggies averages about 100 calories.

If your energy levels don’t improve with or without a change in diet and exercise, consult with your physician.


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  1. I love the suggestions posted. Gluten and celiac disease brought me into awareness all these suggestions are very helpful.

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