Quick and Easy Post Workout Foods

Refuel & refresh with delish snack ideas.

Nourished muscles are happy muscles, and happy muscles burn calories to help you lose weight and keep it off. That’s why snacking after exercise is a smart way to boost weight loss. But not any ol’ snack will do. Check out these 11 quick and easy post-workout foods that won’t sink your goals.

It might seem odd to eat right after a workout; after all, the point of exercise is to burn calories, so why would you want to eat after all that sweat? Post-workout foods replenish the body’s energy and help fatigued muscles recover. The ideal snack foods for after working out offer lean protein as well as good carbohydrates.

Make these post-workout foods work for you by planning them in advance. If you haven’t packed or planned for a snack it can be too easy to give into temptations like salty snacks or sweet drinks just to satisfy your appetite. Planning meals, including after-workout snacks, is a must-have part of any successful weight loss strategy. Check out these Meal Plan Ideas.

1. Skinny Berry Parfait
With protein-rich Greek yogurt and good-carb-rich berries, this is one of those post-workout foods you can sink your sweet tooth into.

2. Superfood Chia Energy Bites
It might be hard to believe this delish energy snack recipe is healthful. However, it offers protein, fiber, and antioxidants to nourish your body.

3. Quinoa Protein Bars

This Skinny Ms. fan favorite is loaded with slimming superfoods, from quinoa to almonds to…wait for it…dark chocolate.

4. Clean-Eating Almond Butter and Jelly
This is an easy-prep snack; mix up a batch, and then use it as a dip for your favorite fruit or spread a portion on one slice of whole wheat bread.

5. Superfoods Smoothie
Few foods for after working out taste as good as a delicious smoothie recipe. Our version offers power-packed spinach, Greek yogurt, berries, and more.  

6. Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
Dip fresh veggies into post-workout foods like this hummus recipe, which offers healthy carbs to help you refuel.

7. Quinoa Peanut Butter Fudgesicles
Who says frozen pop goodness is just for kids? This healthy popsicle recipe delivers fiber and protein, plus a hefty dose of post-workout Ahhhh!

8. Skinny Peanut Butter Yogurt Dip
With the protein power of Greek yogurt and peanut butter, this recipe is the perfect dip for fresh fruits, veggies, or whole wheat crackers.

9. Strawberry Banana Protein Smoothie
Slice, blend, and you’re on your way to a yummy and sweet post-workout treat that’s packed with 13 grams of protein.

10. Skinny Nutella
One of our favorite foods for after working out, this skinnied-up version tastes fab spread on a banana.  

11. Sweet and Spicy Pecans
Nuts, like those in this simple pecan recipe, offer healthy fats that support weight loss.  

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