30-Day Skinny Plate Challenge

Break up with your bad eating habits and try this challenge!

You are invited to take the Skinny Plate Challenge for the next 30 days and become a member of the Skinny Plate Club. If you are ready to slim down, get healthier and change your eating habits for good, this challenge is for you. This is one of the first steps toward living a healthier lifestyle and shedding some of those unwanted pounds.

Clean eating is a terrific approach to increasing your intake of foods that are beneficial for you, such as whole grains, lean protein, healthy fats, and plenty of fruits and vegetables, while minimizing items that are bad for you in big amounts, such as refined carbs, alcohol, added sugars, and hydrogenated fats. Not only that, but there are a variety of non-dieting techniques to lose weight, such as chewing slowly, eating at home, and eating more fiber and protein, which may help you lose weight without exercising or following a specific diet plan.

Keep in mind this challenge is not a ‘diet’ but a step in the right direction toward making healthier food choices and eating smaller portions…about the size of your palm, fist or a deck of cards. We encourage eating healthy and doing so as a lifestyle choice.

IMPORTANT:  To fully understand how this challenge works, it’s important that you read the entire post.

Here are the guidelines:

Skinny Plates = Salad Plate Size (about 7″)– Whether you are at home, work, picnic or in a restaurant… all meals must be served on a plate the size of a salad plate.

Portion Sizes – The portions of your foods must be no larger than the palm of your hand. That means ‘normal’ restaurant portions have to be cut down in size to fit on your skinny plate.

Number of Portions – All Skinny Plate meals are limited to no more than three portions. For example, if you are having chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, peas and rolls…BEEP!!! Only three of these foods are allowed and must fit comfortably on your Skinny Plate.

Foods to Eat – It’s about taking baby steps and this is one of those steps that will help get you into the habit of eating smaller portions and less food with every meal. This challenge encourages eating whole foods, unrefined sweeteners, lean proteins and drinking plenty of water throughout the day. However, the guidelines for this challenge do not require eating particular types of food. The choice of what foods to place on your Skinny Plate is yours.

Number of Skinny Plates per day – Eat the same number of meals as you normally would. This challenge is about portion control.

Here are some Q & A’s about this challenge:

skinny plate

Q: What about desserts?
A: Desserts count as one of the three foods and must also be no larger than the palm of your hand.

Q: Does my drink count as one of the three foods?
A: No, your drink isn’t included in the three foods. If you’re having anything other than water or unsweetened tea, limit the amount to a 12 ounce serving or small size. We do encourage you to drink more water and fewer sodas, fruit drinks containing sugar, shakes, and artificially sweetened water.

Q: What about soup?
A: Soup does count as one of your three foods…so choose wisely.

Q: Can I have a salad that fills the plate and count that as all three foods?
A: Yes, as long as it isn’t weighed down with a cream dressing. We recommend EVOO (extra-virgin olive oil) & vinegar (red, white, apple cider, balsamic, white balsamic, etc..) or freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Q: Can I have three of the same food items for my Skinny Plate?
A: Yes, but it’s not recommended. Skinny Ms. recommends a balanced plate with a lean protein, complex carbohydrate, and a healthy fat. Examples of complex carbs are fresh fruits & vegetables, whole grains, dry beans/legumes, low-fat dairy, and raw nuts and seeds. Examples of healthy fats include olive oil, unrefined coconut oil, avocado, salmon, tuna, mackerel, herring, trout, and sardines. Raw nuts and seeds also fit into this category. Lean proteins are of course meats, fish, eggs, and low-fat dairy. As you may have noticed some foods fit into more than one category. This list consists of examples and is not complete.

Q: I love good old-fashioned hamburgers…is that considered one item or are the bun and condiments separate items?
A: A hamburger will be considered one item with the normal bun and condiments. However, think slider, White Castle or a burger that will be no larger than the palm of your hand. Easy?

Q: Can I have snacks and if so what about the portion size?
A: Two snacks a day are permitted. Snacks consist of items like raw nuts, raisins, one piece of fruit, etc.. Here’s some great suggestions.

Q: How can I become a member of the Skinny Plate Club, and is it free?
A: Yes, it is free. You become a member after successfully completing the 30 day challenge. This simply means, after the 30 days has ended,  you take a pledge to continue to eat smaller portions, as defined above. It’s an honorary membership!

Check out Ten Tips on How to Avoid Overeating.

skinny plate

By taking this BIG baby step for one month, we think you’ll see a definite difference in how you look and feel.

Now that you’re eating smaller portions, what about starting a fitness program? This is the next logical step in your journey toward a healthier lifestyle. We have a program designed for all fitness levels with a step-by-step guide that was created for those who need an effective home workout program. Check out TOTAL BODY TRANSFORMATION today.

Comment below if you’re in on the challenge. Let us know how the challenge is going by checking in once a week and letting us hear from you. We feel confident that you’ll succeed and your willpower will only get stronger.

None of the information contained in this challenge is intended to replace qualified, medical advice. Please seek qualified advice from your doctor before beginning this or any challenge.

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The SkinnyMs. team believes that all people, regardless of age, size, and fitness level, have the power to transform their lives — they just need the resources to do so. The SkinnyMs. method promotes healthy living through a combination of clean eating and regular exercise. We offer everything you need to be successful.

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  1. I started using a small plate recently but I haven't been sticking to the rule and certainly not choosing just 3 portions. So, I am all for this starting right now. Off to form a good habit…

    1. Ok, i am in too. Been trying to loose weight forever and nothing seems to be working so far. Hopefully this does

  2. I think this is a great idea!  I started using a salad plate for all of my food this week.  I am in for the challenge!  

    1. Haley, YOU ROCK!!! Perfect
      idea of combining the two.
      We would love if you keep
      us posted on your progress!

  3. Excited to try this. I will say that my family has switched to sliders instead of regular burgers and we love them. I find them to be completely satisfying!

  4. AWESOME!! I have a weight loss group I'm in charge of and we're all doing this!! Thank you! I love the idea!

    1. Amy, I love that idea. Keek us posted on your group and what they think about the challenge! 🙂

  5. I really need to smarten up. I tried the "eat two cups of veggies before every meal challenge" and failed after two days, but this challenge might be more doable…so I'm signing up.

  6. I'm in too!! Good Luck Everyone!! I'm excited. Trying the Tuscan Turkey Meatloaf recipe tonight too, smaller portions is what Weight Watchers preaches too.

  7. I am so in – I can't wait to start!!  Just read it so tomorrow is the day!!:)  Love this challenge – it will be a challenge but will really help with the portion control!

  8. I'm going to try this. I just started with a registered dietician and she loves the idea too. My trainer supports it as well. Wish me luck! This is definitely gonna be a challenge!

  9. I'm new to this group, so this is my first challenge.  I'm in… going to implament this at my house when my daughter gets home from seeing her dad as well.

  10. Count me in!!  I was just thinking the other day about my portion sizes and that they are not in check….

  11. Definitely going to try this challenge. I think it's a small change that is completely doable to help me lose weight!

  12. Can't wait to try this!
    Gonna start today as well as do my Body by Vi shakes, so when I do eat it is only on a salad plate 🙂
    That will help so much! Wish me luck for the month of June. Bc I am so easily discouraged.

    1. Amy, Good luck to you. The truth is
      you don't need luck…you have inside
      you what it takes to successfully complete
      this challenge. Just know in
      your thinking that you are
      in charge and you will succeed!!!

    2. Amy, Good luck to you. The truth is
      you don’t need luck…you have inside
      you what it takes to successfully complete
      this challenge. Just know in
      your thinking that you are
      in charge and you will succeed!!!

  13. Starting this today! My son and I joined a gym and had our first work out this morning…. He is getting fit to leave in August for Navy Boot Camp and I need to lose weight and get fit!! Thank you for this Challenge !!

    1. We already use the salad plate most of the time, but better portion control is something I look forward to mastering! I'm in!

  14. Not sure that I can do this; don't think I've ever finished anything I've started but I'm going to give it a try. I've only got 5 lbs to lose so I tend to use that as an excuse to cheat. But, that's why I've still got 5 lbs to lose! So, I'll start with lunch today and take it one meal at a time!

    1. Hi!
      I usually eat very well but I’m still overweight. I’m 48, 5’3”, and hovering in between 140-145 lbs. I’m not exercising regularly either.
      So I’m taking the Small Plate Challenge starting today. My foods are like Keto, but personally I can’t eat that much “clean, healthy fat” in my diet to match Keto-required macros. So I’ve adjusted my diet. I don’t eat sweets, sodas, breads, processed foods etc. I usually eat 1-2 meals a day and don’t snack.
      I am doing this challenge to measure myself and see if I am truly eating well and portion controlled.
      I will definitely follow up weekly! Wish me luck!

  15. I love this idea! I started yesterday. I even ate at a restaurant and used the skinny plate guidelines. I was full without feeling like I ate way too much and I don't feel deprived.

  16. I think I am going to try this and have a friend join in to make a challenge between the both of us 🙂 Thank you for this information, I HATE dieting but portion control is completely different than a diet and I can't wait to try.

    1. Jessica, Love the idea of a friendly
      challenge. Portion control is the
      best first step toward meeting weight
      loss goals. Next month will be the 2nd
      step in a series of Skinny Ms. Challenges!

  17. I get on the "saucer" diet a lot of days, a friend had suggested it years ago.  She would say, what falls off, you cannot have and you would be surprised how many pancakes you can stack on a saucer….LOL…..I have a question, I don't eat a lot of what comes out of a garden, mainly what I eat from there are a variety of beans and peas, corn and potatoes.  I guess you can say, what comes in a can…..what can I substitute for the healthier foods I do not eat…..

    1. Viceve115, Definitely begin eating fewer
      canned foods and more whole foods like
      fresh fruits & vegetables. It takes more time
      than opening a can but well worth it. Try for one week to only buy food from the grocery store that have no more than 1 ingredient. Here's the example: bananas, sweet potatoes, apple, egg, dry beans, carrots, cauliflower, kale, orange, etc.. If you can find a canned food with only one ingredient I'd be shocked.
      At the least canned foods contain one food + sodium (salt). When you make your own, you control how
      much salt or sweetener goes in a dish. Keep us posted! 🙂

    1. Marisa, So happy it's working for you! Drop by every week and let us know how it's going. Keep up the good work!

  18. Cool, I'm in.  I am somewhat there already, just need to par down to  the 3 foods.  My family already knows when they set the table I want a smaller plate. I was surprised the first time they got it right!  If they are eating on the smaller dinner plates that I normally use, I get a saucer and use that.  Love it! 

  19. Started to do this a few weeks ago (the smaller plate but I added smaller eating fork and spoon working good so far) . Will try this challenge. this. is my first challenge so let's be strong and healthy together.

  20. we are doing this.  Myself and a friend and my kiddos. we haven't started yet. But We can't wait!…

  21. I'm in! I gave birth to twins seven months ago via csection and still need to lose the extra pooch in my belly…

  22. Sounds like a great challenge! I think this will really help staying on track when I'm not at home, especially with lots of BBQs coming up.

  23. I am going to give this a go….I actually started yesterday, before I read this!!  I am in a definite need of change…after 4 kiddo's,  no exercising and not watching what I eat…my future is not looking so great, if I continue this path!!  Also, I will be setting an example for my children! 

  24. I am curious about gravies. I never go over the serving size. Do I have to count this as 1 food or is it part of the food it is on? Same thing with mini hot dogs.

  25. I started the challenge 1 week ago today and lost 10 pounds. (I have a lot to lose.) I bought some Corelle bread and butter plates that are almost 7 inches and some IKEA rectangle shaped 7" plates to have the right sized plates. I'm planning on doing this for the long haul.

    I've been amazed at the amount of extra space I have freed up in my cabinets simply from downsizing my dishes. I have removed all of the huge mugs, glasses, water bottles, plates, bowls, and utensils. Seeing the extra space is a good motivator too. It is a visual reminder explaining how I got this big.

    I also read a couple books on portion sizes. The Portion Teller's Diet is an excellent book that goes into detail about how the food industry went on an upsizing spree in the 80's. Because it was incrementally done people just didn't realize how much they were really eating.

  26. im in… im working out with zumba and walking on tread mill now eating out of small plate… here i come skinny me…

  27. Love this Challenge! The day is almost over so I'm starting tomorrow, June 15th. Can't wait! I'll check in every week ; )

  28. My husband and I are both going to do this. What a great idea. We had already picked up some smaller bowls for eating things like Charro Beans, the small plates is a good idea too!

  29. Ok, I'm going to give it a try. I will start tomorrow morning because I have already ate my fair share for lunch already. Water for supper. Wish me luck.

  30. I'm in! I have been on WW and have lost 39 lbs. —-Many more lbs. to go. However, this challenge works in with WW great. They talk a lot about the smaller plate. Thanks.

  31. I love this. I ate smaller portions a few years ago and have slowly gotten off of it. I cannot wait to begin this again.

  32. I'm in. I have joined a gym and changed my breakfast to a healthy smoothie and making sure to take healthy snacks to work. I log my food on my fitness pal. Still not seeing the weight loss I was hoping for and I know it's my eating habits. So this might be a good baby step for me.

  33. I'm in, I'm in, I'm in!!!!!! I'll be starting this on October 1st. I need to clean the bad stuff out of my pantry and fridge and visit the grocery and farmers market.

  34. how do I figure my breakfast smoothie into this? Ingredients: 1 cup frozen fruit, 1/2 small banana, 2 handfuls of spinach, 1/3 cup greek plain yogurt, 1 cup almond milk. Suggestions needed!!

    1. Kathy, I would recommend, 1/2 cup frozen fruit, 1/2 banana, 2 handfuls of spinach, 1/3 Greek yogurt and reduce the almond milk to 3/4 cup.

    1. Bethany, That's up to you. I typically eat on a regular size plate for Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, I don't have seconds. 🙂

  35. I'm going to start this. I've been having abdominal pains the last couple of months and so far no tests have come up with an answer (waiting on a CTE scan results). My hope is to be able to control this issue with portion control and food choices if nothing else!!

  36. I live in the UK and I have just discovered this website. Right now I'm doing the 3-day detox (day 2 and still counting!) and I want to continue the work done. The 30 day skinny plate challenge sounds like the right transition as I have issues with portion sizes. I understand that the plate must be no more than 7 inches but what about bowls? Also, I take packed lunches to work in reusable containers – so how would this work?

    You mention the three portion rule. So for example, if I were out in a restaurant and had a 3 course meal The salad would count as one portion, the main as the second and the desert as the third is that correct? If so, would that mean I could have only one item on my plate as the main?!?!? Please clarify. I really want to put my stomach under control so please help!

    On a final note, I would just like to say that I really enjoy this website and thanks for the free links – it makes the commitment more worth it.

    1. Melli,

      Thanks so much! This challenge is a way to transition into a more healthy eating plan. Whatever you choose as your three portions, make sure they are no larger than the size of your palm. I would prefer you eat healthy options, but for this challenge, you are permitted to eat whatever you choose, weather it's two mains and a side. 🙂

  37. I live in the UK and I have just discovered this website. Right now I'm doing the 3-day detox (day 2 and still counting!) and I want to continue the work done. The 30 day skinny plate challenge sounds like the right transition as I have issues with portion sizes. I understand that the plate must be no more than 7 inches but what about bowls? Also, I take packed lunches to work in reusable containers – so how would this work?

    1. Hi Melli,

      For bowls and containers, you will need to eyeball the portion sizes. Just make sure each portion is approximately the size of your palm. If you are using our recipes, follow the recommended serving size. Most all of our soup & stew recipes recommend 8 ounces. If you have specific questions, feel free to email me directly at gale@skinnyms.com. 🙂

  38. I am leader of a wieighloss group and tonight is our first day back after the holidays, they don't know what they're in for,lol, but we will be starting this tomorrow, I think it's fabulous, great way to start the year!!! Thanks!

  39. Okay, I'm new to this so have a couple of questions that might not sound so smart.

    First, you obviously can't fit soup in the palm of your hand, so how do you measure that for your meal?

    Second, for much of this month, for lunch, I've been having a veggie burger with a slice of veggie cheese on bread, along with a steam in the bag vegetable, because it's relatively low-cal (about 500 calories) and easy to do at work. Does the slice of cheese count as a single portion? Obviously I'll have to give up the bread, but I was thinking of doing that anyway, as I'm trying to reduce my A1C blood sugar level to below 6.0 and should probably cut carbs.

    And as for the steamed vegetable – how does one measure a palm-of-hand portion?

    Thanks for any advice. 🙂

    1. Lucie, Follow the serving size of each recipe if you are unsure. For soups, I generally recommend one cup. You'll have to eyeball veggies, but a one cup serving should be fine.

  40. I'll give it a shot, starting tomorrow. May screw up a few times, but I'll try. Trying to lose 74 pounds by the end of this year – started on January 1. Doing the 30-day Ab Challenge as well.

  41. Oh, heck, I really do feel like a dummy, but I forgot to ask…does my breakfast smoothie (fruit, almond milk, protein powder, flax seed and raw spinach) need to be no more than 12 oz.?

  42. whohoo!!!! ready for the challenge!!!!! Anyone else wants to join the 30 day challenge with me…

  43. I am on my last 30 days of my challenge, it's a perfect time to start this challenge as well!! I am #ALLin !!!

  44. I am in. I have been eating healthier for over 6 months now and lost about 40lbs. But I have been battling this sinus infection and I cannot taste anything so I have been eating everything trying to satisfy this hungry feel by satisfying my taste buds. So I am looking forward this challenge.

  45. I want to join this challenge but i have a question that hopefully will be answered… i understand the portion has to be no larger than the palm of the hand…I like to weight my food, it gives me a sense of safety that i am doing this right… any pointers regarding the weight of fruits, veggies, meat, grains,etc?

  46. i love how this site isnt boring! it really motivates me i have high triglycerides and trying my best to get them down! my number was close to 600 normal is 100 …im praying i can do it! im taking FISH OIL OCEAN BLUE BRAND 1050 mg im taking for them a day hoping that helps .my body rejected the meds i was put on so im eating healthy as possible ty ms skinny for all the inspiration!

  47. I'm gonna have to go out and get new plates! All I've got are dinner plates and dessert plates. But once I do that, I'm all in! I've tried so many of your recipes and have loved them all. I have a whole stack of more to try!

    1. You may be able to use the dessert plates if they are a similar size as the salad plates. If they are too small, yes it sounds like you might have to.

  48. This is exactly what my wee granny used to do when she felt she needed to lose weight. Who knew she'd be right? She was a skinny mini, though – should have guessed!

  49. Now, on certain days I run quite a distance (like yesterday I ran 11 miles), there is no way I could survive on that small of amount of food. How does that work? I also eat a lot more on a regular basis b/c of lower blood sugar issues and just over all a higher level of fitness. I'm not sure I could reach my calorie goal by doing this challenge. Is there a way to still participate but on my level of nutritional need? Just curious, thanks!!

    1. Patti, If you're burning tons of calories you may need to compensate by adding more nutrients into your diet. I would check with a dietician to make sure you're getting enough food. Going hungry is never an option.

  50. Hi – I'm in

    Question regarding smoothies?
    Are smoothies with fruit/ unsweetened Almond milk or juice/ light yogurt considered a snack because of the fruit – or is it a meal when the glass is served on your small plate in a glass?

    1. Doris, It can still be considered a meal. Just be sure to follow the serving size of the recipe.

  51. I'm in. I've lost 34 pounds & have about 17 to go. I've hit a wall. I am learning as much as I can about food, portions, & health.

  52. Started skinny plates the Monday after Mother's Day this year. (A little over 2 months ago.) My husband has lost 18 pounds, and I have lost 26. When we eat out we share a meal so we always still have a skinny plate. Great idea, and it works! We eat mainly fruits and vegetables with 1 fish, 2 meats, 2 eggs, very little gluten, and about 2 oz. of cheese weekly. Walk 2 miles at least 5 times weekly. THANKS for all your great ideas and recipes!!

  53. I'm in! This sounds more reasonable and less disruptive to my life. I'm going to try this and do my best!

  54. I'm definitley doing this. Planeed on starting today, and have eaten ok, but am a bit confused about a couple things!!!

    Breakfast…. if i have cereal..is that ok? Museli for example?
    And for lunch today i had a chicken salad. Is the salad (lettuce tomato and cucumber) one portion or are they the three things meaning I was wrong having the chicken too?

    Sorry for all the questions. Want to do this right!!

    1. BecP, It depends on the size, not the ingredients, so if the salad filled the whole 7" Skinny plate that was the 3 portions allotted for one meal. As for cereal, only have the portion size that is listed on the box. This is probably about 1/2 cup. You could add fruit to the cereal.

  55. I am up for the challenge.. Adding this to my yoga routine, I hope to get back on track soon and feeling healthy and alive again

  56. I'm in. I lost 50# in one year on WW. Then went into depression after my Dad died and gained 30# back. No longer going to WW but fighting it tooth and nail. This should help.

  57. Ok i am in for the challenge. 🙂 perfect timing. I am ready for it. My birthday is October 26 and have a goal weight in mind. By doing this challenge and with support from this group, i know i can do it. 🙂 THANKS for the great tips! Portion control has been my downfall. Love this plan.

  58. I'm in. My eating and weight have gotten out of control. I need to do something and this challenge will give me a good start. Good luck everyone!

  59. i like this idea. Although I want to loose weight learning healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime is what I want. I,m in.

  60. I want to ask a question, how about yogurt? Does it count as one of the three too? Or better make it as snacks?

  61. Can you go a little bigger than palm size for veggies? Portion control is what i really need to work on.. i have the working out part down, just need to dramatically change my eating habits.

    1. Kelly, Yes, especially fresh or steamed veggies. Veggies, espcially greens, can be enjoyed by eating an extra serving, or even two. 🙂
      In fact, spinach, kale, romaine lettuce, etc.. are considered foods that actually fill us up and provide tons of antioxidants and nutrients. So, eat up and enjoy!!! 🙂

  62. I am going to start this tomorrow. It’s very doable! I like the fact that I can eat anything I want, keeping it to three items no larger than my fist. I will complete this challenge!

  63. I’ve been wheelchair bound for the last 5 years. For health rereasoning need to watch what and how much I eat. The Skinny plate challenge sounds excellent. I’ve been counting calories as any form of exercise is out. Not only is that boring but it teaches me nothing about portion control. I’m starting the Skinny plate challenge tonight!

  64. I’m thinking of starting this plan. Is it safe for hypoglycemic people and would fat free chicken broth be considered an item or a drink?

    1. Rachel, Please check with your doctor about your hypoglycemia. Chicken broth would be considered an ingredient.

  65. This is a fantastic program, I just had my first skinny plate meal ,and I was very satisfied,! I am also going to incorporate clean eating with this!Thanks

    1. Good for you! I agree, after using salad size plates for years, I don’t miss the extra food…it’s satisfying and not overly filling.

  66. I’m in.. This seems simple to to start with! Thank you for making it simple enough where your not feeling overwhelmed and deprived! Love! Love!

    1. We’re so happy that you’re ready to take the first step. Please keep us posted on your progress. 🙂

  67. This looks like what I have been looking for – encouragement!! I am 5ft 8in, 62 years old, medium frame. What is my ideal weight?

    1. We’re glad to help, Bonnie! Weight is just one indicator of health, and there are many factors that determine a person’s “ideal” weight range, so we don’t like to focus on it. A better indicator would be to track your inches. If you eat a healthy and clean diet consisting of appropriate portions, like those recommended in this challenge, and incorporate regular cardiovascular exercise (we have plenty of Beginner Workouts), then you WILL see progress. https://skinnyms.com/category/fitness/beginner-workouts/

  68. Great idea! I just found this last night and I’m going to try it. I do really well with eating until about midweek and then I crash. I’m hoping to keep this up! It will also be really good for when I have an all day business meeting in a week. We will have lunch and it’s not usually the healthiest but it is always delicious. I’ll take my plate with me and just pick the three things I want the most!

  69. Is a sandwich one or two items? Like a tuna sandwich? I’m guessing since a hamburger is one a sandwich would be too.

    1. Becky, That depends upon the size of the sandwich. With two sides, a half a sandwich is often a better choice.

  70. Ok I see people taking the challenge but do you have people reporting success ?
    I’m in today and I will be back weekly to give updates.

    1. Tina, Some do and some don’t report their success. We get emails from time to time which aren’t made public. We would love to get your
      weekly updates. This is one of my keys to successful weight maintenance. I’ll use a salad size plate forever! 🙂

    1. Tracy, Congratulations on your decision. We’ll be excited to get your feedback along the way. 🙂

  71. Do you know the way you said limit fruit drinks containing sugar is fruit in water count? Example: infused water?

    1. Fruit-infused water is fine for this challenge. We are referring to sodas and fruit juices with added sugar.

  72. Just found this and I am so in!! I’ve lost 8.5 pounds so far eating these delicious Skinny Ms. recipes, walking and drinking my water!! I really enjoy all of these challenges – keeps my excited!! I absolutely LOVE this website and all of the support 🙂

    1. Chryssy, Best of luck…you can do this!!! People take the challenge throughout the year so there’s not a way to track progress. Some will leave comments which gives us an idea how they are doing. 🙂

  73. I just bought an electric spiralizer because of bad arthritis in hands. Amazing how many more veggies I eat. A smaller plate will really make a difference too!! I love beet, zucchini, and sweet potato pasta.

    1. Hi Sandy, glad you’re enjoying your extra vegetables! We love spiralizers too, aren’t they fun to use?

  74. Hi Everyone, I am starting the challenge today. I have to loose 14kilos & my problem is portion sizes (I never eat rubbish only very good food, but too much!) so here I go.

  75. Ok! I thought this sounded like a good place to get started on losing some weight and being healthier!

  76. Last ditch effort here. This sounds encouraging. I am going to tag this in my favorites. I’ll let you know in a week how I’m doing

  77. I’m joining. I have been portioning my meals very successfully but I feel a little off track. 30 days to get myself back there will be awesome!!

  78. I found your blog on Pinterest and have been reading it this week. I am going to try the 30 day challenge. I will be 52 this summer and have tried every diet under the sun and am tired of gaining all the weight back! I like the sound of the 30 day challenge because it isn’t a diet. I’ve known this is the way I should eat my whole life, but have never actually stuck with it. The weight certainly doesn’t come off as easily as it did when I was younger, so I’ve got to do this and keep it off! I want to enjoy retirement with my husband in a few years and when I feel better, I’ll be able to! I’m looking forward to starting this! I hope I didn’t over share! 🙂

    1. Kelly, Thank you so much for the message. I’ve personally followed this plan for over 10 years and it has worked for me, now at 60.

      Please keep us posted on your progress. Maybe you will want to write a short testimonial.

      You can do this!!! 🙂

  79. I’m in too! I am 60 years old and have been hit with many serious health problems the last three years. Being in active has taken a toll! God give me strength!

  80. I have to wait until payday to buy the food & then have several events this weekend which I know I will not stick to the rules during. I’ll be meal prepping & snack making on Sunday & 100% committed to the healthy food choices starting Monday. I will, however, start adding in exercise & smaller portions today. I’m excited! See you all on the other side!

  81. You may have already answered this: next best salad dressing after oil & vinegar? Cannot tolerate vinegar. Honey mustard? French? Thank you.

    1. Sonia, Use freshly squeezed lemon juicke instead of vinegar. Do want a recipe or a brand of dressing? I have yet to find a 100% healthy salad dressing in the grocery stores. We’ll soon be publishing 6 delicious plant based salad dressing recipes.

      Anyone have a brand that’s clean and healthy?

  82. My son and I are going to get together tonight and discuss this and get on the same page and start this amazing plan.
    Ill let u know after 30 days the results!!
    Love this Plan!

  83. I’m in !! I read an article years ago in the Prevention Health magazine that talked about a ‘saucer’ diet and if you follow it , it does work! I like this because it gives a little more guidelines for your saucer!

  84. I started this today. I did some meal prep yesterday using your recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next few days so i’m set.

    One question though, in your recipes, does one serving count as the whole skinny plate? The Pasta Salad with Pesto, Mozzarella & Tomatoes im sure it did, but tonight im have the Lite Tuna Melt Wrap, so i’m guessing that I add the extra veg to it.

    I can’t wait to get to the end and say that i’ve stuck to this

    1. Hi Haley, One serving is the recommended amount for an individual. However, unless a recipe is a complete meal, please add a veggie or other healthy side.

  85. How would you count a protein shake. Is the protein one item, the coconut milk another and any fruit another? Not sure and would love to try this challenge

  86. I’m in! I love this idea, I started today with small side plate of an egg, toast and tomato for breakfast and was looking for further inspiration and motivation to stick to it and stumbled across your blog… perfect!

    1. Great, Sam! We’re so glad you found us! Be sure to subscribe to our daily newsletter for endless fitness tips, recipes, routines, and motivation! 🙂

    1. Laura, Just check in at the end of the 30 days and let us know how it went. You’ve got this!!! 🙂

  87. I have been looking for a good diet and had almost decided on a rather expensive on until I happened on to skinnyMs and wow, I get more for less than that other program. I’m going out today to find a 7″ plate or 2.
    Thanks so much

    1. Awesome, Delores! Good luck and be sure to keep us up to date on your progress! Remember, we have tons of healthy and delicious recipes to choose from! 🙂

  88. Count me in 👍 I am 46 and currently going through the menapause. The changes that are going on are crazy. I want to be fit and healthy and don’t want to pay through the nose for it

    1. Awesome Mandie! Be sure to let us know how you feel after the 30 days! And remember, we have tons of healthy meal plans and fitness routines to choose from too 🙂 Good luck!

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