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Spicy vegan tacos to start your day!

Our spicy breakfast tacos are vegan and delicious!

I would just like to personally thank the person who decided tacos could be a breakfast food. Sir or ma’am, if you’re reading this, please know your contribution to society has improved the lives of many. Now, if someone could please work on getting breakfast pasta into mainstream acceptance, I think that’s where we, as a society, should really focus our efforts. But I digress. We live in a beautiful world where breakfast tacos are a thing, and these Spicy Breakfast Tacos take it to the next level by providing a healthy vegan option. Say what you want about the state of modern society, but clearly we’re doing something right.

Tofu Tacos

I saw a tweet recently arguing that we shouldn’t reduce tofu to a “meat replacement,” but rather value it as a tasty protein in its own right. I couldn’t agree more. Frankly, if you are a meat lover trying to swap out your favorite poultry for tofu, you’re probably going to be disappointed. Meat and tofu simply aren’t the same thing, which is great, because both offer distinct, delicious flavors in their own right.

The takeaway? Tofu isn’t just for vegans/vegetarians, and it isn’t just some sad substitute for “real meat.” Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, cutting back on meat, or just want some spicy breakfast tacos, these vegan tofu tacos are a fun and delicious way to start your day. If you’ve always treated tofu as a meat replacement, try it with an open mind. You may just find out you’re a genuine tofu lover after all.

A Spicy Kick to Start Your Day

This recipe uses a base of tofu ground with garbanzo beans, chili powder, paprika, and red pepper. Then, this already zesty and flavorful mixture gets tossed in a hot skillet with jalapeño peppers and onion for an extra kick of spice. Tomatoes and lime juice add a hint of extra zesty flair.

Spoon this hot and spicy mixture into corn tortillas and top with mashed avocado for a perfect vegan breakfast taco. Of course, there’s really no reason you can only enjoy this dish in the morning. A taco is a taco, and these spicy “breakfast” tacos are just as filling and flavorful at lunch and dinner.

This is America, you can eat tacos anytime you want, morning and/or night. And the best part is, with this healthy vegan recipe, you can eat tacos from dawn till dusk without going into a food coma. Win-win, right?

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