Summer Swim Challenge

Splash your way through a slimmer summer!

When the temperatures start to rise this summer, you might find it tough to find the motivation to work up even more of a sweat. If souring digits make an afternoon by the pool sound more appealing than your usual workout, we’ve got a workout that’s right up your alley. Our Summer Swim Challenge is just what you need to keep up your fitness routine throughout the summer months and ensure that you have a body that is bathing suit-ready!

Equipment Needed: water, a kickboard, and a stopwatch.

What to Do: This workout challenge is designed for intermediate swimmers who are able to swim 4 lengths of the pool with ease. Distances are based on a 25-yard pool (one length). Perform the workout 3 times a week for one month.


Warm-Up– Swim 4 lengths easy (any stroke)

1. 50 Yards (2 Lengths) Flutterkick– Extend your arms and hold the kickboard out in front of you. The flutterkick movement should come from your hips, and not your knees. Keep your head in the water and breathe to both sides.
2. 5 x 50 yards– Swim freestyle at a moderate to hard intensity. Aim to complete each length of the pool in 50-60 seconds, or fewer. Rest for 10 seconds after every 2 lengths.
3. 2 x 50 yards- Swim 2 lengths easy (any stroke), rest for 10 seconds, and repeat.
4. 2 x 50 yards- Swim freestyle 2 lengths at hard intensity, rest 10 seconds, and then swim 2 more lengths at hard intensity.
5. 100 yards- Swim freestyle at moderate intensity.

Cool Down- Swim 4 lengths easy (any stroke)

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