This Total Body Morning Workout Is All You’ll Need To Burn Fat All Day Long

Burn fat all day by starting your morning off right!

Most people don’t like getting out of bed in the morning. I get it. It’s cozy, comforting, and relaxing, but there’s a whole world out there to explore. Outside of your bed is a world of opportunity. For this workout, we’re giving you the opportunity to burn fat all day long. This total body morning workout will challenge your muscles, get you sweating, and kick start your metabolism to burn fat for hours.

Total Body Morning Workout To Burn Fat All Day Long

This total body morning workout will burn your muscles, keep you sweating and kickstart your metabolism to burn fat all day long.

Morning workouts have always been my go-to to shed those extra pounds that seem to occasionally creep up. I love them for a few reasons. First, they allow me to free up the rest of my day. Second, the rest of the day just feels better and more energizing  – I feel like I can get so much more done. Lastly, and most relevant, morning workouts will kick start your metabolism and ramp up the amount of calories that you can burn throughout the day.

For this awesome workout, you’ll only need a yoga mat and interval timer (which most phones have). You may also need a chair if you’re unable to perform standard push ups.

Perform each exercise for 40 seconds with no rest in between. Complete 3 rounds with no rest in between. This entire workout lasts only 18 minutes!

The Routine

  • Crunches: Jump out of bed and jump onto the floor!
  • Jumping Squat: You don’t need to squat as low as you would in a traditional squat. Jump high and throw your hands up high, also. Once your body comes down, transition into a slight bend in your knees and explode back up.
  • Up and Down Plank: Planks are key to building a strong and defined core. This motion-filled plank works to build core stability while also strengthening and toning your arms.
  • Jumping Lunge: This is another lower body workout to build and tone. Large muscles plus explosive moves mean muscle growth and more fat burning.
  • Push-Ups: Push-ups are great for triceps and chest building. If you’re unable to do a standard push up, try the modified version on your knees or place your hands on a chair.
  • Reverse Lunge Knee Drive: This is a fun explosive exercise that works your legs and lower abs. Use your hands for momentum. Keep your core tight and perform on both sides before moving on to the next move.
  • Plank Tap: Here is one more plank exercise to build your core and arms. The secret for getting great abs from planks is to roll your abs in toward your spine.

After you’ve enjoyed your total body morning workout and need to refuel, try any of these 7 High-Protein Breakfasts to Fuel Your Day.

Instructional Videos


Jump Squat

Up and Down Plank

Jumping Lunge


Reverse Lunge to Knee Drive

Plank Tap

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