Tips for Running When Pregnant

Five tips to keep you running throughout your pregnancy.

Staying active during your pregnancy will keep you healthy throughout, and can help you bounce back after having your little one. You can still keep running throughout your pregnancy and these tips will help keep you safe while you’re at it!

First, you should always talk to your doctor before beginning a new workout program, especially if you are pregnant. There are plenty of changes happening inside your body as you grow your little one. When you run while pregnant, it’s more difficult for your heart to deliver oxygen to your body. So, your speed may decline and running may seem more challenging than before you were pregnant. The good news is that running is safe for anyone having an uncomplicated pregnancy.

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1. Think about your goals.
If you were training to decrease your time or run a marathon, it’s time to reassess your training plan. Your goals for running during your pregnancy will fall more along the lines of weight maintenance, decreasing your risk for complications, and remaining active and moving. Strive for four days per week of moderate intensity runs, 20-40 minutes in duration.

2. Slow down.
It’s more challenging for your body to move oxygen around because of all of the internal changes. So take it easy! Slow down your typical pace and listen to your body. If you feel short of breath or fatigued, take a break to walk. Remind yourself of the wonderful thing happening inside your body and take care of it!

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3. Run early in the morning or later in the evening.
It’s easier for your body to overheat while you’re pregnant. Avoid hot temperatures and warmer times of the day to avoid overheating and bring plenty of water with you on your run.

4. Run on flat surfaces.
As you move into your second trimester, your center of gravity will begin to shift due to your growing belly. Running on a flat surface like a treadmill or track will help prevent slips and falls, protecting you and your baby.

5. Be sure to stretch after each of your runs!
Pregnancy women are more prone to back pain. To help avoid and ease your back pain, stretch all of your major muscle groups. Check out these stretching videos!

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More than anything, take it slow and listen to your body. You should be proud of yourself for staying dedicated to your fitness during this special time in your life! Skinny Ms. has more tips for staying fit on Facebook and Pinterest!



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