Top 10 At-Home Workouts – When the Gym isn’t an Option

Forget the gym! Create a stronger, fitter you at home.

At home workouts are great for those women who have kids, or simply don’t have the time to get to the gym every day. Many of us have busy schedules and other priorities that leave us searching for a workout that doesn’t require a trip to the gym. While this isn’t an everyday option, it is great to know how to get a workout in without leaving the house. Here are 10 at-home workouts you can do any day, with minimal equipment:

1. Hula Hooping – This exercise is so much fun you may not even know you’re burning calories! But you can burn about 200 calories in just 30 minutes and stash your hoop under the bed when you’re finished. A popular workout among celebrities, this will work your core and serve as your cardio for the day.

2. Jump Rope – This will leave you burning fat, and tons of calories, about 13 every minute! No need to go much farther than your front door and it’s fun. Former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover girl Bar Rafaelis swears by this slimming secret.

3. Stability Ball Exercise – This workout is challenging and can leave your core, arms and legs fit and fantastic. You can do a variety of moves right in your living room. As far as crunches, a stability ball can improve the effectiveness of your crunches about 38%. It’s wondrous for toning, and even stretching.

4. Wall Squats – Standing with your back against a wall, and placing your feet shoulder width apart simply squat down and hold. This exercise is an oldie but goodie, and you can do 12 reps in under 5 minutes. You’ll quickly notice tighter glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps without having to leave the living room. Try doing one to two sets during television commercial breaks and you won’t even have to break your evening relaxation stride.

5. Planks – No bands, balls or dumbbells needed here, and no waiting in line at the gym! This routine can be done just about anywhere, and in just about 15 minutes a few times a week you’ll see superior results. Many machines can isolate individual muscles but by just hoisting your own body weight you’ll distribute the load over multiple muscle groups and tone, strengthen and build your muscles without added bulk. Check out this great Plank Workout from Skinny Ms.

6. Yoga – An at-home Yoga Workout can help you look, and feel better. Not only does it help relieve stress, burn calorie and tone specific body areas, it also is easy to do at home. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or a Yogi, don’t forget the many benefits of a yoga workout, even at home.

7. Push-Ups – Get super-powered arms, and shoulders with just ten reps of these a day. Not much for burning calories, but perfect for toning the upper body including chest, shoulders, biceps and triceps this exercise is proven to show results. Check out this push-up challenge for absolute beginners.

8. Walking – Change up your routine with a walk! It’s a great way to burn calories and a proven stress-reliever. You can skip the gym once or twice a week if you throw in a few additional toning moves for a full-body workout that just takes about 30-minutes. Check out this great Skinny Ms. Article on how to change a simple walk into a whole body workout.

9. Zumba – Pop in a Zumba DVD, and dance your way to a leaner body, and toned legs, butt and upper body. Zumba is a high-energy workout that won’t leave you feeling guilty for skipping the gym. Pick up your copy of Zumba Fitness DVD right here!

10. P90X – P90X is a system of intense workouts designed to literally transform your body. Includes workouts for at home fitness training along with a nutrition plan, and a detailed fitness guide. Also includes a calendar to help you track your workout goals, and progress while helping to keep you motivated. Pick yours up here, today!

Let Skinny Ms. Be your resource for fitness and easy-to-do Workouts  that are effective and fun. Check back with us anytime for hundreds of options you can do on a day you didn’t make it to the gym.

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