Top 3 Summer Fitness Challenges ~ Abs, Arms and Butt

Give it a shot. Work your body with these Top Summer Fitness Challenges!  Work to see results with these challenges for the Abs, Arms, and Butt.

1. 7 Day Ab Challenge to help you to get those Abs of “steel”!

2. Summer Arm Challenge: The 7 Day Challenge designed to shape your arms in time for tank top season! These routines can be completed at home or the gym.

3. Summer Butt Challenge: Tighten, lift and reshape your glutes with our 7 Day Challenge for your booty!


Comment below to share the challenge you will complete with a start date.


2 Comments on "Top 3 Summer Fitness Challenges ~ Abs, Arms and Butt"

  1. celisaa  April 7, 2016

    I’m a 190 pounds really want to work on my abs arms and butt

    • SkinnyMs.  April 8, 2016

      We think you’ll enjoy these challenges.


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