Top 5 Planks for A Stronger Core

Give it up for plank position!

No move can compare to the plank. Simple yet powerful, planks involve your whole body for maximum effect. But don’t stop with traditional planks! Variations on the move target your core from every angle to keep you fully in shape. We’ve put together the Top 5 Planks for A Stronger Core to get you centered and toned.

Equipment Needed: yoga mat, interval timer (Gymboss is a free app download)

What to Do: Hold/perform each plank for 30 seconds. Rest in between each based on your fitness level. You can perform this routine three times a week for a strong and sexy core.

Beginner’s Level: 15 second rest
Intermediate Level: 10 second rest
Advanced Level: no rest


1. High Plank
2. High Plank Knee to Elbow
3. In and Out Plank Jumps
4. Side Plank with Reach Through Twist (complete both sides before moving on)
5. Rocking Plank

Instructional Videos:

High Plank

High Plank Knee to Elbow

In and Out Plank Jumps

Side Plank with Reach Through Twist

Rocking Plank

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