Top Rated Challenges

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Top Rated Challenges

Sometimes taking a challenge is giving yourself the best stick-with-it plan to shape up. Whether you want to target individual areas of your body for strengthening and toning, or lose weight, these programs are sure to motivate you to push yourself to do more repetitions, focus, and ultimately, to get those successful results.


Summer Butt Challenge
This challenge is a fantastic start to getting a beautiful butt.  After your 7-day challenge is complete, check in with SkinnyMs. on a daily basis to find workouts that will continue to beautify your butt.

Summer Arms Challenge
Summer or not, there’s no better time to get those beautifully toned and defined arms.  This challenge is designed for 7 days, but don’t stop there! You can easily incorporate these routines into your normal workout week once the challenge has ended. After the 7-day challenge, you can choose two workouts to do each week. Any of these routines can be done at home or in the gym.

7-Day Push-Up Challenge
100 push-ups each day for 7 Days! The push-ups can be divided up over the period of a day. Push-ups are perfect for toning and tightening the entire upper body.

4 Step Weight Loss Challenge
4-Step Weight Loss Challenge lasts 30 days to a lifetime.  You decide.  Our goal in creating this challenge is to make it easy to understand, free of charge, doable for all fitness levels, and effective.

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