Using Vertical Space: Organizing Hacks for Small Apartments

Hacks for organizing the tiniest of spaces!

It’s hard to organize a home regardless of its size. If you have a small apartment, however, it’s especially difficult. It can seem like you don’t have space for any of your belongings, or, if you do, they cause clutter. Even if you have the tiniest of tiny apartments, though, you can make the most of the space you do have to organize a comfortable, beautiful, homey home. The space you do have is vertical space! You can make the most of your walls, doors, and cabinet space to create a home for all of your stuff. These organizing hacks for small apartments will clear up your apartment and your stress.

1. De-clutter

The first step in organizing any space, but especially a small one, is to get rid of anything you don’t use. Donate clothes, books, and anything else you don’t use. If your clothes aren’t in good enough shape to donate, you can recycle them. Farmers’ markets often accept textile recycling, as do some clothing stores.

2. Shelves, shelves, shelves

Build shelves above doorways, on empty walls, and in corners. They take up less space than cabinets, armoires, and bookcases, and you can store just about anything on them.

3. Stackable containers

Buy a set of stackable containers for your pantry items. Bags of flour and sugar, and boxes of cereal and snacks are odd sizes and don’t always fit in kitchen cabinets. Store them in stackable plastic containers to make the most of your cabinet and counter space.

4. Over-the-door racks

Over-the-door racks are great for storing shoes, but they’re also great for storing small toys, accessories, toiletries, and cleaning supplies.

5. Rolling pantry

You can buy (or make) a rolling pantry that’s narrow enough to slide into the space between the fridge and the wall. It stays out of the way when you don’t need it, but is easy to access when  you do.

6. Pegboards

You can store everything from toys to kitchen supplies on pegboards. They’re a great investment if you don’t have cabinet space or room for standing shelves in your kitchen.

7. Hang everything

Install hooks (or use command hooks) in your bedroom and hallway for scarves, bags, and hats. You can also install them in your kitchen for hanging pots and pans, and you can even hang your glasses and mugs to save cabinet space. A hanging glassware rack is perfect for wineglasses–it fits under your cabinet. For your mugs, hang hooks under the shelves in your cabinet. You’ll be able to hang more mugs than you can stack.

8. Get a coffee table that doubles as storage space

Make the most of your furniture by buying a coffee table that has drawers or shelves. You can use them for books, DVDs, toys, electronics, or anything else you need to store.

9. Use the space under your bed

Beds that have drawers attached are great, but if you don’t have one, you can buy bed risers. They raise your bed to increase the space under your bed. You can then store clothes, shoes, or linens in plastic boxes that fit under your bed.

10. Fold and store your clothes vertically in drawers

Stacking folded clothes takes up tons of space. You can double the room in your drawers by folding your clothes and placing them vertically in the drawers–they’ll look like files in a filing cabinet. This doesn’t only saves space–it allows you to see all your clothes at once, so you don’t forget about any of them.

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