DIY – Feng Shui Your Office

Bring positivity to your office space.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art, its main principles revolving around balancing energy in any given space to provide optimal health and fortune to everyone present.

With so much time spent at work, it’s important to create positive energy to continually brighten your day and transfer that energy into other aspects of your life. These tips to Feng Shui your office will help to brighten your day, brighten the day of people you interact with, and allow for a continual positive flow into the universe.

1. Your Desk: The desk is a staple in your office. Its location in your space sets the tone for your work day. Depending on your layout it’s always ideal to have your desk facing toward the entrance to your office. Having your back to an entrance creates unnecessary tension. In some cases, if you’re unable to re-position your desk, you can place a small mirror on your computer monitor to allow you to look over your shoulder. It’s can be unsettling to have that feeling of someone peering over your shoulder or to turn around and see someone staring at your back.

2. Air and Light Quality: Getting clean air and pure light is important to your health and wellbeing. Whether natural or artificial, light brings a natural feeling of joy when we’re indoors. If you have windows in your office, make sure to open them and allow sunlight to shine in.

For quality air, plants are always a good idea. There are two great plant types which specifically benefit good Feng Shui. Choose money plants if you want to have positive financial energy at work. There are also plants which are ideal for purifying air. Plants also help to re-energize you throughout the day.

3. Clutter: During the course of the day, work can pile up and things get messy. It’s expected, and although you can work around it during the day, it’s important to clear your space before the day ends. Work can carry over from day to day, but each day should end on a clean slate, allowing you to start each day fresh. A clean space allows you to have a clean mind.

4. Decor: The little additions to your office can make all the difference in bringing positive energy. Subtlety works best in the office. Think small photos of family, friends, or pets and pictures with positive affirmations that you can change periodically to reinforce different messages to yourself.

5. Office Supplies: Color is always best. Instead of dull silver paperclips, go for fun colors. Choose a colorful stapler, file folders, and other small accessories that add life to your office. These colorful items are essentially light also, so they have a dual purpose.

6. Sound: Depending on your office space, music can make all the difference. The benefits of music are well known. In a work space, music helps with motivation and bring positive energy throughout the day. Background music is more beneficial than headphones, mainly because headphones give a sense of containment. Background music allows you to be more free to roam around with worrying about wires. Or, for the best of both worlds, invest in a wireless headset.

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