Get Fit in 15-Minutes a Day with this Highly-Effective Workout Routine

Focus on a total body workout that keeps your heart racing and hits every muscle group.

You Can Get Fit in 15 Minutes a Day with this Highly-Effective Workout Routine

At most, I like to spend 45 minutes enjoying a workout. On days when life gets too busy and I don’t have much time (or I can’t make it to the gym), my next choice is to push through a quick workout. I tackle most workouts with a HIIT mindset: maximum work and minimal rest. When I can only get fit in 15 minutes a day, I focus on a total body workout that keeps my heart racing and hits every muscle group.

To get the most out of this 15-minute a day workout, you’ll need to use weighted resistance. Since you don’t have much time, this workout only requires one set of medium dumbbells. This way, you won’t waste time walking around and swapping out equipment.

If you’re a beginner, grab 10- to 15-pound weights. Intermediates should grab 15 to 20 pounds,  and advanced fitness enthusiasts should grab 20 to 25 pounds. Follow the routine below and discover how easy it is to get fit in 15 minutes a day.

Get Fit in 15 Minutes a Day

7 day Push-Up Challenge for Beginners

Perform each of the seven exercises below for one minute. Once you finish the first round, rest for one minute and complete a second round. That’s it! Seven exercises, one minute each for two rounds.

You’ll also need a jump rope and an interval timer, which is available on most smartphones.

  • Burpees: Doing burpees for a minute sounds like a lot, and it is. But you only have to do them for two minutes total — that’s half the time of your favorite song. Jump high and reach out as far as you can. If you’re a beginner, do a plank instead of a pushup at the bottom.
  • Alternating Dumbbell Lunge: Jumping right into lunges will keep your quads and hamstrings burning. Keep your core tight, back straight, and lunge!
  • Pushups: Calisthenics should be part of every workout. Pushups are a staple for strength. It doesn’t matter whether you can perform ten regular pushups or need to do them modified on your knees: Every pushup helps build your triceps, making you stronger and more confident.
  • Jumping Rope: Getting into a good jump rhythm will set the tone for burning more calories than you expect. Once you master jumping with both feet, try single-leg jumps.
  • Tricep Press: You don’t need a bench for these: Just lie on a mat and get to work. Keep your lower back flat against the floor.
  • Jackknife: Build your lower and upper abs, all rolled into one move.
  • Bicep Curls into Shoulder Press: Biceps need love, too. We’re also going to blast your biceps one last time with this exercise.


Watch the videos below to learn how to perform each exercise correctly. After two weeks of following this routine, switch up the workouts. You can start with the bicep curls to shoulder press and work your way backwards through the list. Keep your body guessing, increase resistance as you get stronger, and master this 15-minute workout.


Alternating Dumbbell Lunge


Jumping Rope

Tricep Press


Bicep Curls into Shoulder Press

If you have more time in the day or want a dedicated plan to follow, try our 30-Day HIIT Home Challenge.

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