10 Clever Makeup Tricks You Need To Try

These clever makeup tricks will give you all you need to create an ideal look!

In a world where daily contouring and faux eyelashes have become the norm, it’s difficult to keep track of each and every makeup skill. Rather than committing every tip and trick to memory, focus on the basics and learn more as they pertain to you and your lifestyle. Whether creating a movie star smoky eye or enhancing your natural beauty, these ten clever makeup tricks will give you all you need to create an ideal look!

1. Haute Lashes

10 Clever Makeup Tricks1Heat your eyelash curler with a hairdryer prior to use. Similar to the effect a curling iron has on your hair, this simple trick keeps your lashes curled all day long! Heat sets hair follicles and keeps them in place longer. It also helps lift and curl lashes, and will create a deep, natural curl for stubborn lashes. So for enhanced lash length and brighter eyes, don’t estimate the power of heat! We love Sally Hansen’s Flirty Eyes Classic Eyelash Curler! Designed for comfort and control, this curler will give you the lush, pout-worthy lashes of your dreams!

2. Powder That Pout

10 Clever Makeup Tricks2It’s possible to rock bold-colored lips without leaving a trail of lipstick prints on everything you drink throughout the day! This ultra simple powder trick has you covered. After applying lip color, press a light paper to your lips and brush with powder to lock in color for longer wear. The powder absorbs the excess moisture from the lipstick, which ultimately keeps it in place and prevents residue from building up or sliding off. With 100 sheets of pure pulp paper, NYX’s Cosmetics Green Tea Face Blotting Paper makes the perfect lipstick-locker, as it effectively absorbs excess oil and wards off residue. Give this simple trick a try!

3. Spray Away

10 Clever Makeup TricksSure, you might leave your house with flawless brows. But as the day wears on, your environment and active lifestyle can get the best of you. To keep wild brows in check, apply a small amount of hairspray to a brow brush, toothbrush, or unused mascara wand. Comb your brows gently, and the sticky hairspray will keep pesky hairs from going astray. This trick will also shape your brows and give you a refreshed, wide-eyed look that lasts all day long!

4. Chilling Look

10 Clever Makeup Tricks4Certain products, especially eye creams, become less effective over time from heat exposure. As a result, the products fail to live up to their de-puffing, revitalizing promises! Luckily, you can turn this all around and reduce  red, puffy eyes by storing your eye cream in the refrigerator. The cooling sensation will reduce swelling and wake your face up each morning.

5. Lonely Lashes

10 Clever Makeup Tricks-lashesEyelashes like to stick together, especially after those first few coats of mascara. Even the best products, from mascara tubes to eyelash curlers, fail to fully ward off those pesky clumps! Lucky for you, it’s possible to free your lashes from clumpy disasters with tweezers! Simply separate each lash by gently gripping and evenly placing.

6. Sugar Lips

10 Clever Makeup Tricks6For super soft, uber kissable lips, exfoliate with Vaseline and sugar! The Vaseline will help you apply lip product evenly and the sugar will remove excess dead skin cells, making a clean, smooth surface. Lightly blot away excess vaseline with a tissue, but make sure to leave a thin layer for added moisture and shine!

7. Bare Lids

10 Clever Makeup TricksUse makeup remover on your eyelids prior to applying eye makeup to ensure that no oil or grease smudges liner and shadow. It’ll also help you correct smudges and smears around the eyelid area more easily. When it comes to makeup remover, we love Clean & Clear’s Makeup Dissolving Facial Cleansing Wipes! Its gentle formula removes all the toughest makeup with just a gentle touch. As a bonus, it’s oil-free, so you don’t have to worry about this product triggering acne breakouts!

8. Frost it First

10 Clever Makeup Tricks7Even if you’re running on 4, you can fool anyone into thinking you got 8+ hours of beauty sleep with the incredible power of white eyeliner! The snowy shade brightens eyes and gives you an appearance of looking more awake. Simply apply some white liner to the inner corner of your eyes and gently blend it with your finger. This subtle, pearly shade peeking out at the corners defines and brightens eyes. Additionally, you can create the illusion of bigger eyes by applying white eyeliner to the inner waterline of your bottom eyelids. Afterwards, apply the rest of your makeup as you normally do, and your eyes will appear larger and more doughy.

9. Define the Line

10 Clever Makeup Tricks8To keep eyeliner and lipliner lines in place, sweep some powdered foundation on the appropriate area before applying your makeup. This acts as a primer and helps lock in lines, promoting a sleek, smudge proof look that’ll last all day. Not only does this create more defined lines, but it also keeps makeup from trailing down your face as the day wears on. For beautiful, effortless eyes, store this handy tip in your back pocket!

10. Start Smooth

10 Clever Makeup Tricks9Use short, downward strokes when applying face makeup. Sweeping foundation and powder in this direction will give you that even, seamless look you’re going for. This handy technique works because most of us have a little bit of facial hair which tends to grows downwards. If you apply makeup using upward strokes, these facial hairs will stick up and look more noticeable.

What are your favorite beauty tips and tricks? Let us know! Leave a comment or submit your own article.

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  1. I love the tip about heating the lash curler. I am going to try that. Also, I use a large safety pin to separate my lashes…easy to hold and don’t have to worry about pulling a lash.

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