10 Kitchen Gadgets on Amazon to Inspire Healthy, Genuine, & Delicious Meals!

Investing in these kitchen gadgets is sure to get you excited about healthy cooking.

There are two important parts of cooking: knowing the technique and having the right tools for the job. The technique might take a while to master, but the equipment part can be easy. All you need are a few kitchen gadgets on Amazon and you’ll be whipping up quick, easy, and healthy meals in no time! I mean, think about it. How much easier is it to make zoodles at home when you have a spiralizer? And, if you’re trying to puree a sauce, wouldn’t you want a high-powered blender or a food processor? Without these types of kitchen gadgets on Amazon, your cooking task becomes significantly more time-consuming.

There are so many gadgets out there, but we wanted to narrow the list down to the essential ten. These tools will make it much easier (and more fun) to cook healthy meals. And, while some of them might seem a bit on the spendier side, please trust us. It’s worth a small sacrifice when it comes to reducing the amount of time it takes to cook a healthy meal!

Healthy, Genuine, & Delicious Meals Start Here

So, without further ado, here is our list of the top 10 kitchen gadgets on Amazon that will help inspire healthy cooking. If we missed anything, don’t hesitate to reach out to use in the comments! We would love to hear about your favorite kitchen gadgets and how you use them.

1. Spiralizer

Zoodles are one easy and healthy way to swap out starchy pasta for something much more waistline-friendly. You can have your favorite Italian dishes without the guilt of carbs, plus all the goodness of zucchini.

A spiralizer is probably one of the most essential kitchen gadgets on Amazon, as it makes cutting vegetables easy peasy, whether it’s strands of carrots, zucchini, cucumber, potatoes, etc.

This spiralizer features 7 interchangeable blades, extra blade caddy for safe blade storage,  and makes for beautifully shredded, sliced, and chopped vegetables and fruits. 

Use your spiralizer to make these 12 Must-Try Recipes Made With Zoodles.

2. Herb scissors

Topping your foods with herbs, whether raw or cooked, is a great way to avoid using too much salt or sauces. Herbs like rosemary perk up a chicken dish, both in presentation and flavor.

But having to meticulously cut your herbs can be a big deterrent to using them. Thankfully, there are herb scissors to make your cooking so much easier.

These herb scissors are a unique set featuring 5-blade herb shears, two drawstring herb bags, and safety cover with a cleaning comb.

Use your herb scissors to make this Herb Barley Salad.

3. Silicon baking sheets

Silicon baking sheets are silicone impregnated fiberglass sheets that replace parchment paper and aluminum foil. They’ve been used by professional bakers for a long time, but are now becoming more prominent in homes.

Silicon baking sheets can be used over and over, which saves you money and allows your kitchen to be a little bit greener.

This set of sheets has 3 thick half sheet liners (16.5″ x 11 5/8″) that fits US standard half size baking sheets, as well as 1 quarter sheet liners (8 1/2″ x 11 1/2″).

They’re FDA and LFGB approved BPA-Free food-grade silicone mats that are non-toxic and safe to use in the oven. You also don’t have to use oil or fat, since they’re extremely non-stick, making for a reduction in intake of cholesterol, saturated fat, and cancerogenic substances that occur when cooking oils are subjected to high temperatures. 

 4. Measuring colander

It’s easy to skip the rinsing step of grains, but it’s a big mistake. Some grains have coatings on them that need to be rinsed off so they can be cooked properly and taste yummy. Some grains are even stored with diatomaceous earth to ward off insects and mites.

This measuring colander makes rinsing your grains extremely easy. It lets you measure, rinse, and strain all in one fell swoop, so you can have that sweet and nutty Sweet Potato Quinoa Salad with Walnuts and Raisins the right (and healthy!) way.

5. Grill Pan

Whether you’re an apartment dweller with no outside space, looking for a way to grill in the winter months, or just want something minimal, then opt for a grill pan.

There are a lot of pros to grill pans. They offer nice grill marks that provide a satisfying crust to your foods, are capable of cooking various foods like chicken breasts, kabobs, and vegetables, and have ridges that permit fat to flow off the meat.

This grill pan is a great find for kitchen gadgets on Amazon. The quality non-stick cast iron equipment lets you enjoy healthy and delicious grilled vegetables, fish, or meat for a classic barbecue taste without the bulkiness of outdoor grills.

The preseasoned surface creates a naturally non-stick surface without added oil fats or synthetic coating.

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