10 Minute Non-Stop Workout Challenge

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Most workouts build in various rest periods, which, although they are great for recovery, tend to extend the workout longer than necessary, and even may cause your workout to suffer a bit. Resting slows down your heart rate and takes up much of your valuable time! If you workout for a longer stretch without breaking, the more your heart pumps and the more fat you burn.

This workout challenge provides a non-stop burn to keep your heart racing and give you the benefit of every second of your workout. While one body part rests, another one works. Challenge your body and work hard from start to end. Rest, and remember to re-hydrate, when you’re finished with this workout challenge!

Equipment Needed:  yoga mat, medium dumbbells (8-12 lbs), interval timer(Gymboss is a free app)

What to Do: Perform each exercise for 1 minute and then jump right into the next one.

Beginner’s Level: 1 round
Intermediate Level: 2 rounds
Advanced Level: 3 rounds


1. Pushups
2. Superman
3. Alternating Toe Touches
4. Leg Lifts
5. Shoulder Press
6. Half Bicep Curl(30 seconds top/30 seconds bottom)
7. Tricep Kickbacks
8. Bent Over Row
9. Tricep Pushup
10. Bicycles(30 sec slow/30 sec fast)



Alternating Toe Touches

Leg Lifts

Shoulder Press

Half Bicep Curls

Tricep Kickbacks

Bent Over Row

Tricep Pushup


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