10 Reasons You’re Struggling to Lose Weight

Win at weight loss with these tips.

UGHH! That’s the universal cry of any woman who’s ever stepped on a scale only to find it hasn’t budged downward. It’s frustrating. It’s disheartening. But it’s one challenge you can overcome. Here are 10 reasons you’re struggling to lose weight, and tips for how to overcome them.

Losing any amount of weight can be a challenge, particularly when you lead a busy life. It can be just as frustrating to work hard to lose a lot of weight but be unable to shed those last few pounds.

Keep going. One spinach salad at a time. One squat at a time. Choose delicious Clean-Eating Recipes, and keep your body moving. Over time, you’ll see a difference–not only in how your body looks but in how your body feels too. Stay motivated through weight loss struggles by visiting the Skinny Ms. Inspire Motivation Board on Pinterest.

1. Sit less, move more.
Sitting at a desk for long periods is just as dangerous to the health as sitting down for that weekend-long Breaking Bad Research suggests sitting for too long slows the metabolism because you’re not using any large muscles [1]. Get moving with 11 Stretches Every Desk Worker Must Know, or consider using a standing desk.

2. Get more shut-eye.
Sleep influences important hunger hormones so that not enough sleep = too much food. Try a 6-Minute Workout for Better Sleep or learn 9 Tips to Get Better Sleep.

3. Eat calories that count.
Rather than consure empty calories with simple carbohydrates, i.e. candy, pastries, chips, choose instead, complex carbohydrates like fruits, low-fat yogurt, and fresh veggies. Make the calories you eat count toward achieving your weight loss goals.

4. Eat more, not less.
Skipping out on meals or snacks deprives the body of needed fuel and often results in snack attacks or overeating at meals. Plan to consume three small meals and two healthy snacks every day. Eat clean foods with healthy fats, lean protein, and complex carbohydrates.

5. Relieve stress.
Stress happens, regardless of who you are. But the way we handle—or don’t handle—stress impacts hormones that play a role in hunger. Learn How to Avoid Stress During the Day.

6. Drink fewer calories.
Don’t sink a healthy lifestyle by downing calorie-laden drinks. Cut back or–better–eliminate soda as well as store-bought tea and energy drinks. Try naturally-flavored beverages, such as Iced Sencha Tea with Peaches and Lime or Red, White, and Blueberry Lemonade.

7. Artificial sweeteners are detrimental.
Diet drinks are attractive because they offer zero calories, but research suggests they also have a negative impact on the metabolism, making it harder to keep weight off. Here’s the real kicker, artificial sweeteners actually make us hungrier. Discover more in The Truth About Artificial Sweeteners and Weight Gain.

8. Think smaller portions.
Even if you’re choosing healthy foods, it’s still possible to take in more calories than you’re burning. Stick to proper serving sizes for every meal and snack, and check out 7 Portion Control Tips.

9. Mindful eating.
Maybe you reach for salty snacks when you’re stressed. Perhaps you’re in the habit of reaching for a sweet something after every meal. Stop and ask yourself: Am I actually hungry right now? Mindful eating means that we think through our food choices and how they will effect our bodies. For example, we give real thought to: the foods we choose, the effect they will have on our health, and if they will provide nourishment and satisfaction. We are much more likely to choose healthier foods and eat smaller portions if we adhere to mindful eating. Learn more in  7 Ways to Tackle Mindless Eating.

10. Muscles like variety.
One way to kick those weight loss struggles in the rear is to mix up the workout routine. Muscles become accustomed to a particular workout, making that exercise less challenging and less effective. Switch up routines regularly to put those calorie-burning muscles to work. Find ideas for any fitness level at Skinny Ms. Fitness.

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