10 Tips to Help You Stop Yo-Yo Dieting for Good

If you’re like many women, your wardrobe resembles a small store, with every size represented, and you’re tired of your weight fluctuating like a yo-yo. Don’t let feelings of diet failure discourage you from taking the first step toward a new and healthier you. We’re here to help! We’ve got 10 Tips to Help You Stop Yo-Yo Dieting for Good.

Tips to Help You Stop Yo-Yo Dieting for Good:

Pump that Iron
Muscle burns more calories than fat, and it makes you look leaner. Forget about the scale and tone up by lifting weights. Don’t have the money for expensive gym equipment and memberships? Try our Body Weight Workout.

Veg Out!
Take your veg-ing from the couch to the dinner table! Instead of processed foods, or those high in simple carbohydrates and fat, choose vegetables, and a lot of them. Not only will they help you to feel full longer, but they offer an enormous number of health benefits. Our Italian Roasted Vegetables with Summer Basil is a great way to add some summer vegetable flavor to your plate.

Get your Blood Checked
If you can’t lose weight or you experience drastic fluctuations, your thyroid gland could be to blame. Low levels of thyroid hormone lead to excessive gains, and high levels cause unexplained weight loss. Also, low iron could lead to fatigue and low metabolism.

Consider your Diet
If you are struggling with bloating, gas and tummy ache, consider a food intolerance. Many women find that by eliminating processed foods from the diet leads to a moderate decrease in weight. Follow these 7 Simple Steps to Clean Eating.

Turn up the Bottle!
Not the wine bottle, the water bottle. Fill up on water to decrease snacking and hunger. Experts recommend around eight 6 oz. servings per day of H2O. Learn more about the role water can play in your weight loss here.

Boost your Serotonin
When your brain doesn’t properly process the chemical called serotonin, you get blue, have anxiety, and crave certain foods. Some people have emotional eating from this. The solution? Boost levels with foods rich in zinc and calcium, like seeds and nuts. Also, get a little sunlight each day.

Pick up the Pen
You will be amazed at how much you really eat if you write every bite down. Weight loss specialists recommend that dieters keep a food diary, to remind you about those unnecessary in-between meal snacks. Learn more about the benefits of keeping a food journal here.

Get your ZZZZZs
Many people overeat when they are stressed and tired. Cheating on sleep can be the cause of sweet cravings, with your body seeking high-energy food. Get a good night’s rest, with eight hours being the target number. Learn more about how sleep affects your weight loss here.

The Wrong Pill for Your Ill
You will be surprised at how much medications affect weight. If you take arthritis, asthma, or depression medications, talk to your doctor about your weight issues. Ask for a medication evaluation.

Find a Friend
Finally, find a buddy who is trying to maintain her weight also, and discuss your problems together. Plan exercise outings, such as hiking and bicycling. Many women can lose weight easier with the support of a friend.

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