10 Unique Ways to Use a Fitness Tracker

Try these fitness tracker hacks to help you stay fit.

Calories burned. Steps taken. Sleep logged. There’s plenty to keep track of if you’re making an effort to lose weight and stay healthy. Thankfully, the journey to a fitter life is made easier with fitness trackers like the Fitbit. Here are 10 Unique Ways to Use a Fitness Tracker.

You’ll find many fitness trackers on the market these days. Fitbit is probably the most well-known. From the Fitbit Charge to the Fitbit Surge, the brand offers plenty of options to help you lose weight and improve health. Depending on the model, trackers can monitor heart rate, count calories, show daily activity, log sleep, and more.

But did you know there’s a way to power-up your fitness tracker so you can use all that information to make better decisions?

Enter IFTTT. It’s a web service (short for If This Than That) that allows you to access pre-made programs, called recipes, that expand how a device functions. Web programmers make these recipes available on IFTTT for download. So, for example, you can find a recipe that will text you the weather every morning.

If you’re using a fitness tracker, IFTTT recipes can help you make the device more effective. They’re definitely not the kind of recipes we usually share on Skinny Ms., but we think they’re pretty cool:

1. Set walking reminders
Don’t let the day get away from you! This IFTTT fitness recipe sends an alert to your smartphone if you haven’t achieved your step goal by a certain time, giving you an opportunity to pump up those steps. Learn tips for How to Walk 10,000 Steps a Day.

2. Remind yourself to go to bed earlier
This sleep recipe nudges you to go to bed earlier if your sleep falls below a certain time. Try these 9 Tips to Get Better Sleep.

3. Track your sleep
Keep an eye on your zzz’s with this Fitbit Tracker recipe, which logs sleep patterns and saves them into a Google spreadsheet so you can easily view them.

4. Share your accomplishments with friends and family
This recipe posts to Facebook when you reach the daily step goal you’ve set. It’s a smart way to motivate yourself—and maybe foster a little competitiveness with friends. Looking for a way to work with a partner? Grab a pal and do our 30-Day No-Soda Challenge.

5. Rat yourself out to your trainer
If you’re working with a trainer or perhaps a fitness buddy, this recipe texts that person when you haven’t reached a daily goal by a certain time.

Walk Your Way to Fit
6. Remind yourself to walk more steps
This will send a reminder to any of your devices encouraging you to add more steps to your day. Check out these 8 Ways to Walk Yourself to a Fit Body.

7. Keep a health log
Give yourself an easy-to-see picture with your fitness tracker. This recipe uploads Fitbit activity to a Google spreadsheet.

8. Keep a weight log
Maintain tabs on the scale with this IFTTT recipe, which transfers Fitbit weight logs into a Google spreadsheet.

9. Log your activity on a calendar
Make viewing your activity super-simple by using this recipe for logging your activity as a daily event in Google Calendar.

10. Warn friends that you’re going to be tired & cranky
This one’s just for fun. It warns your Twitter friends when you haven’t slept well—maybe the friendly ribbing will encourage you to get more shut-eye the following night! Enjoy our Morning Joe in the Raw when you need a boost.

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