10 Ways to Maximize Your Workout

Don't let your hard work go to waste! Make the most out of exercise

Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Smoothie

5. Fuel up Beforehand
If you don’t eat before a workout, your blood sugar levels will plummet and your system might enter starvation mode. You’ll feel lightheaded and sluggish while exercising, jeopardize your workout goals, and trigger wear and tear on your body. Before sweating it out, grab something light and nutritious to boost energy levels and stabilize blood sugar.

These 13 Clean & Lean Workout Snacks are perfect pre-workout options to maximize your workout.

6. Limit Workout Time
People assume that the longer they spend at the gym, the more effective their workout will be. Recent research has proven this theory wrong. 30-40 minute workouts are just as great, if not greater, than super long gym sessions. Cranking up intensity and shortening time yields amazing results.

7. Eat Protein
Protein deficiency can eat away at your muscles and endanger your workout goals, especially when it comes to strength training. The crucial molecule is necessary to maintain a sturdy system and rebuild muscle after a workout. These 10 Protein-Packed Workout Snacks pack a protein punch guaranteed to boost your workout’s efficiency.

8. Don’t Be A Bore
Don’t torture yourself with a cardio workout you never look forward to. If stair master is your usual go-to but you cringe at the sight of it, branch out and befriend the treadmill or elliptical! If you dread an exercise, it’ll turn into a chore before you know it. Instead, choose one that challenges and excites you.

A motivating playlist is the perfect workout companion to put pep in your step. Spruce up your workout with one of our ultimate workout playlists.

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