14-Day Beginner’s Core-Building Workout Challenge

Our 14-Day Beginner's Core-Building Workout Challenge will tone and strengthen your abs and lower back.

14-Day Beginner's Core-Building Workout Challenge

A stronger core leads to an easier life. Your core is the epicenter of the body and takes on the weight of your daily routine. Your abs and back make up your core, and unless you build them, you may slowly slide into a life full of lower back pain, belly bulge, and discomfort. Our 14-Day Beginner’s Core-Building Workout Challenge will tone, build, and strengthen your abs, lower back, and core for a stronger and more beautiful midsection.

Building your core requires focusing on your abs and lower back simultaneously. Ab exercises work on the surface for show, but without getting into the underbelly, you won’t develop a stronger core. Lower back pain is on the rise since society has shifted to a more sedentary lifestyle. You need to build and strengthen the front and back of your core to create perfect balance.

This workout challenge features a mix of core building exercises that target abs, obliques, and lower back. It also contains plank workouts, which are all about creating a stronger core. As a beginner, pace yourself as you get more comfortable, but also be sure to keep pushing and breathing to get through each rep, set, and workout.

14-Day Beginner’s Core-Building Workout Challenge

What to Do: Follow the workout plan below.

What  You’ll Need: A yoga mat or soft surface, an interval timer (available on most phones), a medicine ball, and a set of three to five pound dumbbells.

Week One

While you start your beginner’s core-building challenge, complete our 14-Day Flat Belly Meal Plan for the perfect package.

Core Exercises To Blast fat

Day 1: 6 Core-Sculpting Moves to a Tighter Tummy
Day 2: Ab & Core Home Workout
Rest Day 3
Day 4: 3-Minute Plank Challenge for Beginners
Day 5: 5 Moves to Strengthen Your Core
Rest Day 6
Day 7: 8 Yoga Poses for a Strong Core

Week Two

Boost your core-building workout and get with these 39 Flat Belly Snacks to keep your belly full and your body energized.

Day 8: 5 Exercises for Your Strongest Core Ever
Day 9: 5 Core Exercises To Blast Fat From All Sides
Rest Day 10
Day 11: 5-Minute Core Plank Challenge
Day 12: 20-Minute Core Strength Workout
Rest Day 13
Day 14: Daily Morning Core Workout

Once you master the beginner’s core-building workout challenge, switch things up with our 5 Day Beginner’s Kettlebell Challenge.

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