15 Easy Crockpot Recipes for Back-to-School

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Back-to-school means back to reality! Coming from a summer full of long, lazy days and impromptu warm weather enjoyment, it can feel a bit jarring to plunge back into structure. Along with school, you likely have to get the kids to a bunch of additional activities like sports, music lessons, cub scouts, and play dates. Planning meals amidst all this scheduled craziness requires some thinking ahead. Thankfully, your slow cooker can save your life when hectic back-to-school season rolls around.

A busy bee’s best friend, your slow cooker sucks the stress out of mealtime, while creating flavorful, impressive dishes. Slow cooker meals basically make themselves! They might take some simple prep, but most recipes mainly involve gathering up ingredients and tossing them in. And best of all, your meals cook slowly and stay warm all day long.

Here at SkinnyMs., we’ve grouped together our top picks for friendly back-to-school recipes that’ll become regulars on your weekday menu. These delicious crock-pot meals will satisfy the entire fam, and you can store and freeze them easily to enjoy as leftovers throughout the week.


 1. Slow Cooker Philly Cheese Chicken Sandwich

A healthified version of the classic Philadelphia fare, this Philly cheese sandwich features chicken instead of steak, slashing a bunch of fat and calories without giving up that mouthwatering tender, meaty flavor. Your kids will gobble up this protein-packed meal, made extra flavorful with the help of your slow cooker!

2. Slow Cooker Zucchini Ziti

A vegetarian-friendly dish that’s a cinch to whip up, this ziti recipe tastes delicious, especially when stored and packed for lunch the following day! Weighing in at fewer than 300 calories, this wholesome meal will fill you up without breaking the calorie bank!

3. Skinny Lasagna Rolls

In a world where traditional lasagna weighs you down with heavy sauces and calories galore, this recipe lets you enjoy all the cheesy, saucy goodness of lasagna without the guilt! Perfectly portioned rolls of lasagna deliciousness make up this skinny dish. Your kids will look forward to gobbling this meal up for lunch all morning long!

4. Slow Cooker Sundried Tomato Chicken Marsala

Enjoy a traditional Italian dish at the comfort of your own home! Decorated with tangy sun-dried tomatoes, white mushrooms, and a splash of cooking wine, this protein-packed dish makes for an awesome evening meal, and even more exciting lunch the following day!

5. Slow Cooker Sesame Chicken

We promise you’ll feel uber proud of yourself after throwing together this impressive chicken dish! Designed to suit your cravings for Asian takeout, this recipe calls for nothing but clean, wholesome ingredients, and packs a punch of major flavor that’ll put conventional takeout dishes to shame!

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