15 Healthy Game Day Snacks

Score a touchdown with these guilt-free and nutritious game day snacks!

Do you look forward to game day snacks as much as the actual game? Welcome to our world! The football ritual wouldn’t be complete without festive finger foods and tailgate munchies. But a little nibble of this and a crunch of that adds up. Before you know it, typical game-day fare like chips, dips, and pizza can have you consuming a days’ worth of calories and fat!

Lucky for you, Skinny Ms. is here to help! We’ve compiled a handful of guilt-free recipes that allow you to snack mindfully during the game. Football season shouldn’t pack on the pounds. These delicious and healthy snacks will give all you football fans another reason to get rowdy!

1. Spicy Tailgating Meatballs
Popping one of these savory meatballs will give you something to cheer about, even if your team doesn’t win! Made with clean ingredients, these meatballs are packed with protein and low in fat. They also feature healthy spices that will have your taste buds singing!

2. Portobello Mushroom Pizza
This recipe cleverly substitutes a mushroom for crust, adding juicy flavor and a meaty texture without the carbs and fat you find in traditional pizza crusts. Complete with fire-roasted tomatoes and melted mozzarella cheese, this recipe will have you patting yourself on the back for eating pizza!

 3. Mediterranean Chicken Wraps
Put the fun in football season with these fabulous Mediterranean chicken wraps! They’re light and low in calories, yet bursting with unique flavor thanks to a mix of produce and garnishes. Assorted vegetable strips add some crunch. A blend of spices gives the wraps a mouthwatering tang. Talk about scoring!

4. Artichoke Dip
This healthy artichoke dip will amp up any football fan who love to munch on game day. Did we mention it delivers 25% of your daily recommended intake of calcium? Do your taste buds and body a favor by diving into a bowl of this delicious spread.

5. Slow Cooker Momma’s Roadhouse Chili
This easy chili dish based on an old family recipe will fill you up and make you feel at home. With its clean, nutrient-dense ingredients, this dish’s high protein and fiber content add a punch of heartiness that’s sure to satisfy even the hungriest game day watchers.

6. Mini Turkey Burgers with Gorgonzola 
Turn this recipe into a meal or simply slide it in front of the crew as another game day finger food option! These protein-packed, light and healthy mini burgers will curb any craving and get you ready for the big game. Not only do these burgers taste delectable and juicy, they’re also relatively low-calorie and full of healthy ingredients you can brag about.

7. Almond Butter-Quinoa Blondies
Sweet tooth on game day? These scrumptious blondies are guaranteed to swoop in to the rescue. As a bonus, they’re gluten-free! A minor detail you probably won’t notice after biting into one of these creamy, chocolatey desserts. This recipe substitutes quinoa flour in place of white flour and includes clean ingredients like crunchy natural almond butter. So satisfy your sugar cravings with one of these bomb diggity blondies. Your body will thank you!

8. Chipotle Taco or Burrito Filling
Everyone loves tacos and burritos. That’s why our recipe for chipotle taco or burrito filling is such a crowd-pleaser! It’s full of ingredients that will boost your excitement and amp you up before kickoff. By setting up a simple taco bar with some toppings, you’re bound to please any big game appetite.

9. Cauliflower Hummus
Dress up conventional hummus by spotlighting cauliflower! This antioxidant-rich, cancer-fighting superfood plays a shockingly delicious role in hummus and accounts for a lower calorie dish altogether. Dip some carrot sticks or baked pita chips into this satisfying spread for a perfect, guilt-free game day appetizer.

Sweet Potato Crunchies
10. Sweet Potato Crunchies
Dive into a bowl of these delectable potato crunchies. Your taste buds and body will thank you! Made with two superfood ingredients, sweet potatoes and olive or coconut oil, this snack will hit the spot before kickoff. They also serve as an amazing alternative to overly processed, carb-crammed chips!

11. Vegan Spinach and Artichoke Dip
For an item that features two nutrient-rich vegetables, spinach and artichoke dip usually falls short of healthy thanks to the excess fat and calories in most recipes. This vegan-friendly, low-calorie version relies on clean ingredients and healthy seasonings with all the flavor of conventional dip. It’s a real game-changer!

12. Baked Parmesan Zucchini Fries
Time to jazz up calorie-dense, boring old French fries with this brilliant recipe for zucchini fries! Not only does this substitution eliminate the unhealthy gunk in French fries, it also delivers scrumptious flavor and a dose of beneficial vitamins and minerals! Prepare to be blown away as you snack on these parmesan-encrusted zucchs.

13. Blue Cheese-Apricot Balls
Keep your cheese craving under control with a flavorful cheese ball recipe you can feel good about. It calls for reduced-fat cream cheese, which keeps the fat content in check. Toasted walnuts and dried apricots add a hint of sweetness and crunch to this bite-sized appetizer. Yum!

14. Lemon Drop Chicken Wings
What’s a tailgate without wings? This recipe for lemon drop chicken wings delivers a savory tang and will satisfy your craving for this finger food without adding inches to your waistline. Relying solely on clean ingredients, these guilt-free wings will bring the hurrah to game day!

15. Southwestern-Layered Bean Dip
This southwestern layered bean dip delivers the perfect dose of fiber and protein, fuel to hype you up when it comes to cheering for your team! It also uses clean and crunchy ingredients like nutritious vegetables. It’s a filling dip that will hold you over until dinner’s ready. So shout hooray while you dip away!

It’s too easy to overindulge on junk while you’re distracted by the social atmosphere and game action. But we all know food plays a vital role in adding enjoyment to game day, so if you really want to score big, serve up some of these winning game day recipes.

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