21-Day Toned Arm Challenge

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Gone are the days when women needed to be dainty and weak. Now strong is sexy and confidence is power. This week, we’re bring you a brand new challenge to tone and strengthen your upper body. Focusing on your biceps, triceps and shoulders, this 21-day toned arm challenge is about strength, power, and confidence. You’ll be doing push-ups, bicep curls, burpees and more!

This challenge is meant for highly motivated individuals looking to really transform their upper bodies. You’ll need commitment and endurance to complete all 21 days. So if you’re ready for the challenge, print the workout calendar and get to it!

What to Do: Save the workout calendar to your computer and follow the workouts for all 21 days. Some days, you’ll get to choose out of several workouts. Your options are listed below.


Before beginning each workout, make sure you read all the instructions and watch any videos. Using proper form helps prevent injuries and ensures you’re getting the most out of your workout.

Additional Workouts-

Leg Workouts:
1. Butt & Gut Mat Workout
2. 5-Minute Booty Lift
3. Equipment-Free Lower Body Workout

Ab Workouts:
1. Daily Morning Core Workout
2. Butt & Gut Mat Workout
3. The Ultimate Fat Sizzling Ab Workout

Cardio Workouts:
1. 2-Move Fat Burning HIIT Workout
2. HIIT Kettlebell Fat Blaster
3. 3-mile run or jog

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