3 Ways to Switch Up Your Treadmill Routine

Switch it up and sweat it out!

Running on the treadmill can not only get boring, but it can also dig you a hole during your fitness journey. People often plateau during their journeys, and the reasoning behind this is often that they are doing the same exercises over and over again. Your body can’t change if your workouts don’t, and you won’t think that great exercises, such as running, are fun if your workouts are continuously boring. With that being said, take a look at these three ways to switch up your treadmill routine for maximum results.

1. Run backwards with a speed of 3-3.5 mph

Not only does running backwards on the treadmill allow you to switch up your routine and, therefore, make it more fun, but it also works muscles, such as your quads and calves, that don’t get worked to the same extent when running forward. It has also been said that running backwards burns more calories than running forwards does. If that’s not a good enough reason to give it a try, consider the fact that when injured and unable to run, running backwards is usually acceptable because it doesn’t put as much strain on most of your muscles. For ways to prevent injury while running, check out our 7 Tips for Injury Proof Running.

2. Side shuffles at a speed of 3-3.5 mph

Side shuffling, like running backwards, primarily works your quads. However, it also works your groin and your glutes, which means you can say goodbye to your inner thigh fat and say hello to a perkier butt.

In doing so, you must remember to keep proper form though. This means staying in a squat position as well as possible the entire time and making sure to stay on the balls of your feet. In the video provided, it’s apparent that she is staying on the balls of her feet. It’s also helpful to notice that she isn’t entirely in squat position in the video. Her positioning is, instead, not as low, but still straight up. Maintaining this upright posture is also important to prevent injury. She is also bending her arms in the video and keeping them in front of her chest, which helps from becoming off-balanced.

For workouts to improve balance, check out How to Improve Balance in 7 Days and Improve Flexibility, Balance and Strength with This Routine.

3. Mountain climbers (feet on treadmill) at a speed of 1.5 mph

Along with working your leg muscles (like most exercises on the treadmill), doing mountain climbers on the machine also works your abdominal muscles and shoulder muscles. Get into position by getting into plank position with your feet on the treadmill and your hands on the ground. Simply start doing mountain climbers to the 1.5 mph speed you set your treadmill to. For maximum results, ensure that you’re keeping your shoulders over your wrists (as seen in the video). If you want to incorporate more mountain climbers into your workouts, try out this one: 5 Exercises for Your Strongest Core Ever.


Using the treadmill can either be very boring or very fun. It’s your decision so choose wisely! When you do choose wisely, add these moves to this effective workout: H.I.I.T the Treadmill for even more of a burn.

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