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As the sun sets on a gorgeous summer, some of us are feeling a little wary of the cooler, autumnal months to come. What better way to send off summer and greet a new season than with a 31 day challenge? This challenge will build on your summertime momentum and carry you through the months ahead!

The workouts below are split into five main groups. We’ll begin with a Total Body Workout to loosen up a bit. The first week will start out strong with H.I.I.T Workouts. The following week brings a series of Tabata challenges. Quick reps, short rests. Push through these routines with everything you’ve got! This week will see you working out for seven days straight. Trust us and we will guide you to amazing results!

In the third week, we’ll slow down just a bit. When you mix yoga into your routine, you’ll see a world of difference in the strength you’re building. Slow, controlled, but strong movements combined with deep strong breaths will calm while challenging your muscles. Then, transition from the yoga routine to body weight exercises. And in the fourth week, you’ll be required to push through any mental blocks you may be battling. When you feel like you can’t do one more rep, find that extra burst of energy and do two more. You have it in you! What better way to end a challenge than with Boot Camp! This is the home stretch. Five days to close out and make an impact. Make every day count. Leave nothing in your tank these last few days.

Each week will bring you one early morning workout to help you get pumped up for the day. Don’t skip out on these morning routines; they will make all the difference. And whenever you can, take these workouts outside. Enjoy the sun, enjoy the park, the beach, and enjoy the sweat. The sun will give you an extra burst of energy just when you think you’ve had enough. Have fun, stay hydrated and give summer an amazing farewell on your last day. You’ve both earned it.

Equipment Needed: Interval timer, heart rate monitor, 1 set of light, medium, and heavy dumbbells, 2 light to medium kettlebells, jump rope, yoga mat, flat bench or medicine ball, and water to keep you hydrated.

Download the 31-Day Workout Challenge here:

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  1. wish I could do these. They don't have sites for people( it seems) that have disability problems(in my case need right foot and knee surgery and a left shoulder replacement-do you have any modifications to t hese so I can participate? I need to loose 60 pounds,not getting any younger at 56, and when i die I'd like it to be a thinner me, not the heavy me 🙂

  2. Trying again… do you have any modified programs that people with disabilities can do? I would love to get weight off, but have a right knee and foot that need surgery, and a left shoulder that's bad, some several exercise are not possible for me to do. Do you have suggestions on how to modify the program for the 31 day workout?

    1. Hi Carlene, Your best option would be to show the workout to your doctor and ask how you can modify it for your own workouts.

  3. Hi Carlene, you may want to ask your doctor to refer you to a physical therapist who could modify the activities for you and instruct you in proper positioning and exercise performance based upon your physical abilities. As a physical therapist myself, I have done that for clients. Best to you!

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