4 Exercises to Beat Post-Baby Weight Gain

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While becoming the mother of a beautiful new baby is bliss, it can leave us feeling not so happy about what it does to our bodies. Although you may be chomping at the bit to get back into your favorite jeans, there is a right way to work back into exercising. A word of caution, though. How soon you start exercising after having a baby will depend on the circumstances of your pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum recovery. Your obstetrician will most likely determine whether or not you can begin exercise at your 6-week follow up appointment. If it isn’t covered at that appointment, make sure to ask for the green light.

When you and your doctor agree you’re ready, here are 4 Exercises that Can Help You to Beat Post-Baby Weight Gain:

1. Walking, and later, jogging. Walking and jogging may be the easiest to do with a young baby, since, weather permitting, your little bundle can accompany you. You might want to think about purchasing a jogging stroller for easy maneuvering. Check out our Can Do Tips for Taking 10,000 Steps Per Day.

2. Swimming. Swimming is a great option for moms, since provides an overall workout without putting any pressure on joints, which may be still adjusting themselves post-pregnancy. Water walking and jogging can also provide excellent low-impact exercise. You can control how strenuous your water walk/jog is by choosing shallow water for an easier workout and deeper water for more resistance. For more information on water jogging, check out Aqua Jog Your Way to Fit This Summer.

3. Biking. Although biking might not be an option for the first few months postpartum, for moms with babies around 6 months and older, it can provide good opportunity to exercise while enjoying the outdoors and get some much-needed alone time.

4. Yoga. Practicing yoga is popular among moms since it can also be a good way of de-stressing. Depending on your goals, you can use different yoga poses to target certain areas. You can also choose whether or not you want to break a sweat with Hot Yoga.

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