4 Eye and Eyebrow Tips for Brides

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable moments of your life. Everything should be perfect on this special day, and there’s a lot of planning to get done beforehand.

We asked a recent newlywed how she was able to look stunning on her wedding day. Here are some of her tips on eyes and eyebrows for brides-to-be.

1. Depuff Eyes Beforehand

4 Eye and Eyebrow Tips for Brides4

Avoid puffy eyes by using a de-puffer daily. Try Clinique All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage Roll-On for two months before the wedding day. This product may soon become your favorite beauty product. It’s a little pricy but the end results are well worth it. You’ll also like that Clinique’s De-Puffing Eye Massage is a great product for treating dark circles.

2. Use Your Own Brow Routine

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You don’t want to make any drastic changes before the big day. Now is not the time for that makeup look you’ve been dying to try! Whether you use a pencil, gel, or shadow, stick to the product you’re familiar with and use it. If you don’t normally do your brows, find a product a few months beforehand. Use it every day leading up to the special event so you become accustomed to it. We like Brow Powder – All Natural with no toxic chemicals. If you’d like to try a new product a few months before the big day, opt for a powder that is safe for sensitive skin.

3. Find a Reputable Wedding Makeup Artist

4 Eye and Eyebrow Tips for Brides3

Makeup artists have a specialty, whether it’s the runway, wedding, tv/film, or even horror scenes! Find a makeup artist that specializes in bridal makeup for a natural look. A safe way to find a credible makeup artist is to go through a recommendation from a family member or friend that has already been through the ropes. Bring inspiration pictures of the kind of look you want. If you’re unsure, a neutral smoky eye is perfect for this all-day event.

4. Have a Bridal Trial

4 Eye and Eyebrow Tips for Brides5

Before booking a makeup artist, it’s normal for brides to have a trial makeup session. Book an appointment about a month before your wedding date. If you are unhappy with the way it looks, ask to make an amendment or try a different makeup artist.

Have some advice for brides? Share your thoughts and leave a comment below!

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