4 Makeup Tricks To Make Your Eyes Pop

Never settle for dark circles again.

Is something missing after you apply eyeshadow? You’ve emphasized your eyes with a great shade and chose a neutral blush, bronzer, contour, and lip color. But your eyes still look dull! You apply more shadow, thinking it will help. Instead, your eyelids are lost and you’re stuck with dreadful raccoon eyes.

Eye makeup isn’t just about shadows. Highlights and shadows work together to bring attention to your eyes and freshen your face. Shades like light pink, gold, and pearl are great for highlighting. As a finishing touch, here are 4 makeup tricks to make your eyes pop!

1. Corner and Lid Highlight

Take a lighter shade and highlight the inner corner of your eyelid. Create a C-curve from top to bottom. You can also highlight the center of your lid right above the pupil.

4 Makeup Tricks To Make Your Eyes Pop3

2. Inner Eyeline

Use a pearl or gold eyeliner to line your bottom lid, starting from the inside to the outer edge of your pupil. You can also highlight the top lid. Some makeup artists highlight the whole bottom lid, but it’s best to experiment a few times to see where to stop depending on your eye shape.

4 Makeup Tricks To Make Your Eyes Pop1

3. Under Eye Highlight

An under eye highlighter can lighten dark circles. It will make your eyes look fresh and youthful. Try the Bare Minerals Stroke of Light Eye Brightener for an instant makeover!

4 Makeup Tricks To Make Your Eyes Pop4

4. Brow Highlight

Use a light shade to highlight below your eyebrow and brow bone. This separates your shadow and brow. If you  have a smoky eye without highlighting, the dark shadow can disappear in your brow. Highlight and show off your work!

4 Makeup Tricks To Make Your Eyes Pop2

Have some makeup tips to share? Let us know! Leave us a comment below.

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