4-Minute Beach-Ready Booty Blast

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It’s Summertime and that means it’s bikini time! Get that butt ready for the beach using this intense and fun 4-minute workout. Guaranteed to make you get rid of last year’s bikini and buy something that shows off that derrière you’ve worked so hard on. It’s recommended you add this to your workout routine twice a week to get the best results.

Equipment Needed: One set of medium weights (10- 15 lbs); interval timer.

What to Do: Perform each exercise for 20 seconds and rest 10 seconds after each. Repeat this exercise for 2 circuits, totaling 4 minutes. Review the videos below for a visual demonstration of each exercise.


1. Squats
2. Dumbbell Swing
3. Weighted Squat Pulse
4. Alternating Leg Lunges


Dumbbell Swings

Weighted Squat Pulses

Dumbbell Lunges

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