4-Minute Kettlebell Fat Blaster – Burn Fat Up To 24 Hours

It only takes 4 minutes to blast fat for 24 hours!

4-Minute Kettlebell Fat Blaster

You want to shake up your workout and burn fat up to 24 hours? Do this 4-minute Kettlebell Fat Blaster and burn fat around the clock! What makes this workout unique is the way the kettlebell is designed. The weight is centered under the handle. When you swing the kettlebell, nearly every muscle has to work to counteract the bell’s momentum. The combination of strength and movement gives you a strength training and cardio workout in one. Think of the kettlebell as the ultimate multi-tasker!

For best results, enjoy this workout in the morning. And remember that the work is only part of the body transformation progress. Start with our 7-Day Meal Plan to Lose Body Fat. Refuel and reconsider the importance of what you eat.

To learn more about 4-minute fat blasters, check out Tabata Interval Training.

4-Minute Kettlebell Fat Blaster

Kettlebell swings

This routine is considered a Tabata exercise, so it puts additional and unique stress on your body. That means you’ll get additional benefits like a fat-burning boost. Additionally, working at full capacity for a short period increases your body’s oxygen intake, increasing your endurance and ability to workout for more extended periods.

What You’ll Need: For this workout, you’ll need water, a yoga mat or soft surface, 2 medium-weighted kettlebells  of the same weight, and an interval timer – which is available on most smartphones.

Complete each exercise for 20 seconds with 10 seconds rest in between. Complete two circuits, and you’re all done!

  • Plie Squat: Unlike traditional squats, pile squats incorporate your inner thighs to help strengthen and build muscle. Building your inner thigh muscles (abductors) is also great for balance and stability. Additionally, mastering these squats will allow you to lift heavier weights in traditional squats.
  • Swings: Swings are a full-body exercise that work your core, glutes, hamstrings, quads, and the back and arm muscles. Use your hips for momentum, keep your core tight throughout, and avoid holding  the kettlebell too tightly.
  • Push Up with a Row: These are another full-body exercise. The focus is more on your core since you’re planking, but it also works your arms and back. The key to all planking is to try to keep your abs engaged and rolled up toward your spine. Note: If staying on your toes in the full plank position is too difficult as first, you can start from your knees and progress from there.
  • Around the Body Pass: Also known as the Slingshot, this move is one of my favorites because it targets your abs and especially your obliques. Keep your core tight and find a rhythm that allows you to flow the kettlebell around your body easily.


Plie Squat


Push Up with a Row

Around the Body Pass

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